CC says his delivery was “so-so”

CC Sabathia wasn’t thrilled with his first spring start, pitching two innings against the Phillies this afternoon at Bright House Field. Sabathia allowed two hits and walked two in a pair of scoreless frames.

“My delivery was so-so,” he said. “I had a couple of times when I fell off the mound. I wasn’t heading to the plate. That’s why you saw changeups in the batters box. That’ll be something I work on in my bullpens coming up and try to keep it going and get it a lot better heading to the start of the season.”

Sabathia said that he did get a couple of check-swings from the Phillies on his two-seamers, a good sign. For March 4, that’s enough.

“As long as my arm feels good and I’m heading in the right direction,” Sabathia said. “My delivery was OK. I’m happy. Results don’t start to matter until April 4.”

As for facing Roy Halladay, Sabathia said that he didn’t watch. There were too many Yankees standing against the railing for him to get a good view, so he didn’t bother.

“Like I always say, I’m facing the lineup,” Sabathia said. “If I was facing him, then I’d probably pay more attention.”

You might get the impression from those quotes that things are a little bit, shall we say, on cruise control? So someone asked CC if winning the World Series took some of the urgency out of his spring workload.

“Not at all. I want that feeling again,” he said. “That’s what you play for. It was unbelievable. It makes you hungry for more championships. I can see how Jeter and Posada and Mo and Andy are still working the way they do to win, because it’s a great feeling.”

  • Joba Chamberlain is ready to go on Friday vs. the Rays. He’ll pitch after Phil Hughes.
  • The Yankees might give Nick Johnson one more day off “just to make sure he’s not irritated,” Joe Girardi said. 

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