A day at the arcade

classic-skeeball.jpgMystery solved! The Yankees are heading to the video arcade this morning for their second annual field trip.

Joe Girardi said that 66 players have been grouped into teams and they’ll be competitively playing skeeball, pop-a-shot basketball and video Indy racing — all except poor Joba Chamberlain, who was sent home sick after showing up with flu-like symptoms.

“I think it’s good to get the guys together away from the field,” Girardi said. “There’s competition. There’s cheering for each other in a big group.”

Everyone must play the three games mentioned above, and players are free to roam the arcade when they’re not in competition.

The media knew before the players did, and we helped keep the secret as best we could before the Yankees got on the buses at 10:30 a.m. But CC Sabathia had an inkling: “If it’s video games or something, I’m going to win,” he boasted.

Other group outings that were considered included: billiards tournament #2, paintball, bowling, ping-pong, miniature golf and a real ‘pool party.’

This gives the Yankees a nice break in the schedule before games start tomorrow, and also a chance for guys to get to bond with each other. Francisco Cervelli was saying that last year’s group trip helped him feel more comfortable with the veterans on the team once he got called up.

  •  Andy Pettitte threw his live BP session without incident. Other than Chamberlain, everyone in camp is healthy. If Chamberlain can’t throw a bullpen tomorrow, Girardi said that it’s possible it could affect his start on Friday.


I for one wouldn’t mind seeing Ramirez hitting the road. His stuff is very average. He doesn’t have enough in terms of pitches to stay at the major league level. Teams will tee off on him.


Hey Bryan…appreciate your tweets and keeping us up to date with whats going on …..Any word yet on who will be playing tomorrow’s opening spring training game? Lineups and such..I saw the pitching schedule you posted.. I went to Yankees.com press pass but that has not been updated as of yet.. Appreciate any info..Will be at the game tomorrow Sect 119 Row A can’t wait….



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