Pettitte: I can have another season like ’09


Andy Pettitte’s still got it … at least, that’s what the lefty was saying after his first bullpen of the spring on Tuesday, believing that he’s got enough in his left arm to give the Yankees another season that looks just like 2009 when you start reading off the statistical numbers.

“I wouldn’t have come back if I didn’t feel I was going to put together a year like that, for sure,” Pettitte said. “You all know what I expect out of myself.

“When those [numbers] drop, that’s when I know that it’s definitely time to not do this. I’m not coming along for the ride. I expect to push myself, I expect to be successful, I expect to push the other guys in this rotation and [have] us feed off each other and have another great year.”

  • Mark Teixeira showed up today and expects a World Series encore. The rest of the position players will be on the field tomorrow morning, trying to overshadow Jesus Montero’s power displays.
  • Teixeira on Chan Ho Park: “Chan Ho has got great stuff. I really did not enjoy facing him the last couple years. I’m glad he’s on our side. I think he’s going to be a great addition to our bullpen.” (That is, when he arrives and the Yankees actually announce the deal.)
  • Catchers began throwing to bases today, with the instructions to not air it out 100 percent. … Everyone is expected in camp Wednesday. Alex Rodriguez briefly stopped by the clubhouse to drop off bags. … Christian Garcia was sidelined with a tender elbow. … More pictures from today here.

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