Phil Hughes’ patriotic mystery

capcert.jpgPhil Hughes had a baffling piece of mail handed to him this morning at George M. Steinbrenner Field. Enclosed in a wood and glass case was a folded triangle of the U.S. flag, with a certificate signed by Stephen T. Ayres, the acting architect of the U.S. Capitol.

And Hughes had absolutely no idea why it was here. As it turned out, the flag was flown over the Capitol at the request of someone in Congress — Bill Pascrell, Jr., who represents New Jersey’s 8th congressional district in the House of Representatives.

Hughes has never met him, but guesses that there must be a Yankees connection – the flag flew over the Capitol on June 24, 2008, his birthday. (A quick Google search reveals that you, too, can request to have a flag flown over the Capitol.)

“I have no idea,” Hughes said. “I don’t know where to put it. Weird.”

It certainly drew a fair bit of attention, placed next to the usual bins of fan mail and shoe boxes of a baseball clubhouse.

“Where’s my flag?” Chad Gaudin asked. “I didn’t get a flag for my birthday. Did you?”

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