CC climbs the hill on another quiet camp day

A very true statement this afternoon from the manager’s office:

“Camp to me is usually kind of quiet until the life gets here, and the life is the position players,” Joe Girardi was saying after the workout.

CC Sabathia will get the headlines today, throwing 30 pitches in his first official bullpen session of the spring. We need to amend a previous statement – Girardi will have Sabathia likely pitch on March 4 against the Phillies in Clearwater instead of the Pirates at home on March 3. That start could feature Joba Chamberlain, Phil Hughes, or maybe both.

A.J. Burnett will pitch a bullpen on Monday, which is a nod to the off-day April 5 in Boston. The Grapefruit League rotation will be Sabathia, Burnett, Andy Pettitte and Javier Vazquez. Girardi also noted that he intends to have Jorge Posada catch Burnett this spring. They do not want to have Francisco Cervelli assigned as a personal catcher – at least, that’s the plan right now.
It’s starting to warm up a little bit in Tampa, which is good news. Maybe we won’t need jackets every day soon! (Apologies to those of you reading that remark from the colder regions of the U.S., including the entire New York metro area.)

  • Guest instructors expected in camp this year, FYI – Yogi Berra, Billy Connors, Goose Gossage, Ron Guidry, Reggie Jackson, Tino Martinez, Stump Merrill, Graig Nettles, Mickey Rivers.
  • MLB posted a list of 30 new banned substances in the Yankees clubhouse. More than ever, I believe the stories of guys like Sergio Mitre, who test positive for things they didn’t know they took. How could you? I don’t know what methylenedioxymethamphetamine or parahydroxyamphetamine are, for example, but they sounds bad. Don’t take ’em.
  • Catcher Jose Gil officially has the new highest number in Yankee camp. He’s wearing 99.

I have my camera down here at Yankees camp and I’m going to try to shoot some photos whenever possible. Here’s one of the best from today, and you can see more at my TwitPic page.



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“..I’m going to try to shoot some photos whenever possible”

take a lot of photos, Bryan; are you allowed to take video too?


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