Welcome to camp, pitchers

021810girardieiland.jpgIf you had pulled up a chair in the clubhouse at Steinbrenner Field his morning, you might have sat alongside CC Sabathia and A.J. Burnett to hear a brief address from manager Joe Girardi about the importance of taking it easy the first few days of camp and being sure to speak to the coaching staff about any health concerns you might have.

Of course, that would also make you a pitcher for the Yankees, or at least a catcher or a clubbie. Since the media wasn’t there to document it, here’s Girardi’s brief rundown of what he told the players gathering in the room this morning:

“I didn’t really speak too long. What I talked about was, look. We’ve got two weeks before we start games. We’re going to start slow. It’s fastball, changeup. We’re not going to throw breaking balls. And if you feel anything, if you feel anything in your shoulder or your elbow or your big toe, your oblique, whatever it might be, make sure you tell us.

“Because I’d rather you miss one or two days than one or two weeks or months. We’re not going to think that you’re soft. We don’t expect everyone to be robots here, and every program is exactly the same, so communication is extremely important to us. If you think you need to do something a little different, speak up, tell us. We can talk about it. Here are the reasons why we like to do it this way and we talk about it.

“The biggest thing was don’t rush and communication was extremely important.”

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