Hairston: Yankees keeping light on for Damon?

Now a member of the San Diego Padres, Jerry Hairston, Jr. appeared last night on SiriusXM’s MLB Home Plate channel and mentioned that the Yankees never made him an offer to stay in New York. He also shared the opinion that the Yankees are still interested in signing Johnny Damon.

“The Yankees didn’t officially make an offer,” Hairston told hosts Jim Bowden and Joe Castellano. “We’d been talking with them for about a month or two months and, they were kind of, I guess, waiting for a certain left fielder’s price to come down.  That’s what I was gathering. I know Brian [Cashman]’s going to really love me for saying that. 

“But that’s the sense I had, and more power to them.  You know, obviously Brian has a job to do and Johnny Damon’s an incredible ballplayer.  But obviously at that time I said, ‘You know what? I need to do what’s best for me.’  And the best fit for me was in San Diego. 

“That’s a young team, but they’re looking for players with some speed, athleticism that can play in that ballpark and I was looking to sign there anyway and then, icing on the cake, having [brother] Scott get traded over there it definitely makes it that much sweeter.”

Newsday’s Ken Davidoff got to Cashman first on the subject and posted on Twitter that it was “right” the Yankees never made an offer to Hairston, but “not right” that they are waiting for Damon’s asking price to drop.

On an unrelated topic, this nugget was passed along from MLB: On this date in 1960, Stan Musial insisted he take a $20,000 pay cut. ‘Stan the Man’ believed he was overpaid in 1957 and 1958 and his salary should be based on his play last season. Can you imagine someone trying to convince Scott Boras of that today?


Yanks Would Be Smart to Target Willingham
by Dan LaTorraca


The Johnson for Matsui exchange was a negative for the Yanks. Matsui hit well and with power. Gardner for Damon?
Another negative in the lineup. Those responsible for the KEI IGAWA blunder should take the pay cut and sign a bat in LF. In addition, the Yanks have no bats on the bench.
Against a Josh Beckett whom they could face 3 times in a series, and have looked pathetic against at the plate, the Yanks ought to wake up and sign a quality bat in LF. Gardner is injury prone and has been on the DL every year.
Sign Damon and or Nady.


I hope Johnny keeps the light on and Brian C. keeps the door open. Maybe Johnny should do what a good business man would do and cut out the middle man who has made a ton of money on his talent. Please resolve this and stay the great Yankee that you have become. Greatness does not always equal money!!!


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