Christmas under the Yankee tree

Merry Christmas everyone! As we get set to shred wrapping paper all over the living room rug and enjoy this very special holiday, of course our thoughts here at Bombers Beat would be on the Yankees at least a little bit. Last night on Twitter, I posed the question to Yankees fans: Are you happy with what Brian Cashman has left under your tree as of Dec. 25? The responses were certainly varied and interesting…

SunnySoCal @BryanHoch No. I want Melky back. And Johnny. I’m the sentimental sort.

Robbie_Fingers @BryanHoch Yes, but after eating the cookies he took the liberty of sifting through my fridge. thought that was a bit much.

mwaiksnis @BryanHoch so far so good

sjo2009 @BryanHoch How about a LF? Mark Derosa?

lovelaughalways Hell no! We want Melky, Johnny & Matsui!!

PhilipJWalsh @BryanHoch Merry Christmas, Bryan! Cash rocks (both as a gift and as a GM)

KeyUA @BryanHoch Not without a left fielder.

yanksfan627 @BryanHoch I’m pleased with the new players we’ve acquired, though I would have reconsidered what we did about Melky Cabrera…

anjak_j @BryanHoch Ask me in July. =)

jdecarlo @BryanHoch Very happy so far… if he can just lock up Damon or a replacement, I’ll be completely satisfied.

cincool @BryanHoch
I’m happy that Pettitte is still here! I trust Cashman to make
decisions that are right 4 Yankees, his salary depends on it! LOL

And my favorite:

riddering @BryanHoch Yes. Cash always delivers the best toys just in time for Christmas. Only problem is waiting until April to play with them.

Hope you all enjoy the day!


if Arod were traded then it would cut payroll seriously…and with the chips that the Yanks would recieve for him in the deal…they could trade for mlb proven talent that is cheap…
Stay with me…they could trade some of the players they recieved for Arod for a centefielder like Andrew McCutchen of the Pitts Pirates…he is very cheap very atheletic very fast has desent power and will get his walks…he looks like he would be better in every phase of the game than Granderson except power…i think he would be great in the lead off spot…and the Yanks have traded with Pitt in the past…so they are open to a good trade…from there the Yanks could try to dump salary and while getting good power speed and OBP. by trading Granderson and Swisher to the Milwakee Brewers for Ryan Braun…he is also cheap and has 6 years lsft on his contarct…then they could afford Matt Holliday for likely 5 or 6 years for no more than 18 million…he could be placed in RF…Braun only had 1 error between 08 and 09 and also equals Granderson speed wise…this team would have a smaller payroll and it would be younger and faster than last years or the current one constructed so far…even while paying part of Arod’s contract and signing someone like Adrian Beltre for 3rd for 4 years 7.5 to 9mill or Miguel Tejeda for less money and two years…


I think all the hard stand Cashman and co are taking will pay-off come next winter, when the big ticket free agents will the market.

#28 is coming to a ball park near you…


I am not happy w/ what Cashman has done so far. I’m torn over the Granderson deal. I feel the Yanks gave away too much for him. How can anyone be happy w/ Johnson & Vasquez? I agree that A-Rod’s contarct is too long & for way too much but, Beltre is not an improvement. What has he done since he left those bums in LA? Holliday isn’t the answer in LF because he can’t hit in the A.L. Sign Bay or someone else.


nope…i’m obsessed
i feel like the Yankees and us as fans were hoodwinked…
but hey…i’m still going to root for whoever they put on the field…
and i think Adrian Beltre with some other moves i mention or they could come up with would definately make a better cheaper younger team…
and with that being said…i promise not to mention an Arod trade until next year…


To Yankee Fanatic

Man give it a rest it is so boring. Arod is going nowhere at all.
Take a breath and sit back and analise your thoughts. Your bottom line is trade a person who is single handedly a winner for some bunch of players who may be winners, MAYBE now that makes sense. Regardless of his salary. Maybe we should also trade away Sabbathia ( huge payroll for three or four prospects, maybe we should trade Texeira given his salary package, maybe we should trade Burnett. Maybe we should trade away the entire 40 and then start again, rebuild the entire side from zero so as to appease you.
He was huge in 09 and he will be as big if not bigger in 2010.
Give it a rest

Aussie Bryan


here’s a thought…trade Arod to the Angels for Erik Aybar Gary Mathews jr. and prospect pitchers Tommy Mendoza and Trevor Reckling…use Aybar Bret Gardner and 1 of those prospect pitchers for Pitt Pirates cenetrfielder Andrew McCutchen or some package…for Adam jones Denard Span Nate Mclouth or Cody Ross…the cheper their contracts the better the target…also Nick Swisher Curtis Granderson and Marc Melancon…could be moved for Ryan Braun…this mainly and salary dump that would free up payroll and allow the yanks to go after Matt Holliday…who could probaly be had for no more than 17 million and 6 years…if Gary Mathews is not included in any of the trades then trade him with cash to get rid of some of his money…in the end the Yankees will save against the Arod move especially if they lock up the young players acguired in the trades long term past there free agents years…


i know i keep harping on this but i think the Yankees should trade Arod…players with no trade clauses get moved all the time…and if the budget size is becoming cumbersome then Arod’s contract would have to be central to the problem…so why not be real with him about the mistake they made in giving him sooooo much money and ask him to restructure his contract where he recieves his money over more years…if they could add 5 or 6 years to his payout and bring down his anual salary and also get him to accept a trade then i believe he would become attractive to some of the big market teams…i think the L.A.Angels might take him…if the Yankees would take Gary Mathews jr. in the trade package…and then the yanks could flip him with cash to a club where he could recieve more playing time than he would with either L.A. or New York…if the Yanks could get Erik Aybar and 3 quality prospects…this could begin to cut payroll get the team younger create more trade flexibility and actuallly improve the team…one man does not make a team especially if he makes keeps them from improving in other areas where they have needs…LIKE LEFT FIELD OR MAYBE EVN THE BULL PEN…


Hmmmm. My memory is we agreed to trade Hughes to the Twins but balked when they also wanted a 100% healthy Kennedy. Was the AA level Jackson included?


I am semi happy I like that we inked Pettitte and traded for Granderson. On the flip side we have a glaring hole in left field at the moment and its pretty obvious that Matt Holiday is available and a great player. He would have been the greatest gift under my tree!!! Seems like the Yanks are being a little miserly this holiday season.


i like what the Yankees have done this year but i still see them not doing all they can to upgrade the team…i hope they are thinking seriously about trying to get Arod’s contract restructured and also trading him…i know they won’t this offseason but i hope soon…but this year would be very good to do it in…Arod had a good season even though he was playing hurt…he has fully recovered from his surgery and he was clutch in the post season…and 3rd baseman Adrian Beltre is just sitting out there in a down market…so Arod he could be moved with cash and they could sign beltre and still save money…WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS…because Arod’s contract is too big-too long and trading him would make the Yankees better…although he is the best 3rd baseman in the game he will not be for the duration of his contract nor will he be the best DH in the game when he is moved off 3rd…but probably will be the highest paid…since his last year is still at 20 million…i understand he was given a 10 year deal so he can break the homerun record as a Yankee…but he will probably break it in 8 so the Yankees should have given him 8 years with club options for the other 2 seasons…also he should have only recieved 1 bonus payment for breaking the homerun record not 25 million in bonuses for each milestone…tying Willie Mays then Babe Ruth then Hank Aaron then Barry Bonds and finally breaking the record…because the Homerun record was tainted by Barry Bonds in the first place…and secondly because they had to suspect that Arod was using performance inhancing drugs…i suspected so way before he was outed…i still think he does something and many other big sticks in the game…i don’t really care as a fan but as a owner i would be worried about that information comming to the surface and how it would affect the image and importance of Arod and the importance of the homerun record…it has to make it alot less important and much more contraversial for as long as Barry Bonds or Arod are the record holders…and this is why i am so stunned that the Yankees gave him that ridiculously lucrative deal-shouldn’t they have put something in the contract that wipes out the bonuses if something like this happened…and why didn’t the Yankees let Arod float out on the free agent market long enough to get some offers to establish his true vaule…noone could have paid Arod more than the Yankees so why didn’t they wait to see how much other teams were willing to spend…Arod was 32 years old when he reached free agency no team would have been willing to give him 10 years and other teams saw how the Texas Rangers lost the ability to sign other players in other positions they needed…so how much would other teams be willing to spend…i know hindsight is 20/20 but there was an example showing what could happen with the previous Ranger deal…and again a 10 year deal for someone in there 30’s is crazy…especially when he is given a raise…because as you get older you play less games and begin to lose all your skills…Arod recieved 252 million over 10 years at age 26…in comparison he recieved 275 with bonuses that he will likely reach to take his salary to 305 mill…but will he be more productive..? HELL NO…but i can’t be mad with Arod…he should have went after as much money as possible…but i can be dissapointed with the Yankees and a little pissed…because i see how it is affecting other signings…ie Matt Holliday for a very vacant LF…and i ask would the team be better with say…Xavier Nady in LF…or the current team minus Arod and Nady replaced by Adrian Beltre and Matt Holliday…it would be close but definately cheaper younger and more trade flexible with the latter two…well i have griped enough for now…but i felt compelled because i am a Yankee fanatic…




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