Looks like Nick Johnson is coming back

It looks like the Yankees are getting very close to announcing a one-year deal with Nick Johnson to be their designated hitter. Up until the moment I got wind of this last night, I really did believe the Yankees were eventually going to hammer something out with Johnny Damon — it seemed too natural a fit not to.

Brian Cashman even called him “the perfect two-hole hitter for this place,” meaning Yankee Stadium, and there was no question Damon wanted to come back. But they needed to make the dollars work, and it seemed like the Yankees had no patience to wait out Scott Boras and his search for a commitment of three or four years near $13 million annually.

So the Yankees’ DH may be Johnson, which makes a lot of sense if you look at his on-base percentages — which we obviously know Cashman & Co. do. Johnson had a .426 OBP last year, which ranked third in the Majors behind Joe Mauer and Albert Pujols.

Now the trick for the Yankees will be keeping him healthy and on the field. I remember covering that game against the Mets in 2006 when Johnson suffered a fractured femur after colliding with Austin Kearns in right field at Shea Stadium. It was an ugly, ugly scene, and Johnson let out a blood-curdling scream that some of his Nationals teammates cringed just recalling.

But of course that was a freak injury, and maybe he’ll find better health in the DH role. And it’s not like the Yankees didn’t have to tread lightly with Hideki Matsui and his balky knees either.


that’s the great thing about Figgins…he plays everywhere and he does it well…he would have created the flexibility the Yankees claimed they were seeking….that they don’t get with Nick Johnson…if they understood that Damon was too much money…then they should have begun moving in a different direction immediately…cutting payroll with Swisher…by trading for Choo or Coghlan or Span…while adding Figgins and resiging Matsui…Swisher getting 6.5 mil…if they trade him for someone like Choo who will only make like a 1 mill and then trade Melky who will recieve about 3 mil for a cheap relieve pitcher…picked up figgins resign Matsui…then they have Figgins for LF or CF and Granderson for the same….and Choo Span give alot more speed and even Coghlan has more speed than Swisher and higher OBP….Plus figgins can play 3rd on days the Yanks wanted to DH or rest A-Rod…


i’m sorry…but the more i think about this deal the worse i think it is…letting Matsui go for Nick Jonhson is definately bad unless he plays as many games as matsui played and hits at least twice as many Homeruns as he did last year…while maintaining that high on base percentage…but why didn’t the yanks try to trade for a solid number #2 hitter with some speed…maybe they could used Swisher with a prospect pitcher (if necessary)…to get someone like Shin Soo Choo or Danard Span or Nick Markakis or the rookie of the year Chris Coghlan…even if they had to pay some of Swisher contract they could save some money…and add some speed and get a better contact hitter…they would have to lose some power but they would at least have Matsui…


it seems the Yanks missed the boat…they should have signed Chone figgens…he could have lead off and Jeter could have moved back to the two hole…that spells great on base percentage and speed…if the Yanks matched the Mariners offer…figgins probably would have chosen the Yanks…and he didn’t get a no trade clause…so that means he could be moved before he got old…for some good prospects which seems better than…letting contracts expire and not offering arbitration…they should always try to trade a player with a year or two left on his contract…and only match the highest bidder and let their mystique carry them over…so they don’t have to worry about age and very little about budget…


I had my own little diatribe ready to post, but andypettitterunsny nailed it already: to give up the once-on-the-DL-in-his-career Damon for the injury-prone Johnson, just because he could be had on the cheap…I dunno. (Plus, wasn’t he bust the last time hew was here?)

It feels like the dismantling of a winning, no, a Championship team just to save a few bucks. [sigh]


whats going on with the Yanks…they don’t look like they will score as many runs this comming season as they did last year…with the players they have signed so far…plus the Red Sox rotation now looks like the best in baseball…i hope they make some moves…but let’s be clear…if they don’t…itwill be because A ROD’S CONTRACT IS SO BIG AND SO LONG…they really bid against themselves when they signed him…if they had paid him say 20 million a year they would have plenty of money to sign…Matt Holliday for left and they could have brought back Matsui for the same money the Angels gave him…and let’s look at it…nobody gives a 32 year old players 10 or even 8 year deals…if the Yanks had given him…8 years 20 mil…who would have matched that…i have said it sense the day he signed…toooooooo much money tooooo many years…and now we can see things being affected be him being on the team…Just like in Texas…and with his no trade clause…he is the anvil in there little life raft…they could do so much more without him…and if he will accept a trade they should pay another team to take him and get some good young unrestricted players…


the yanks don’t look as good offensively so far…but we’ll see…


I liked Nick J back in the day too but, someone please explain how signing an injury plagued player for $5.5 mil is a wise investment & beneficial to this team.


I like Nick J, I was against the Yankees trading him for G years ago. BUT, I hate the idea of getting a DH when we have several players who could greatly benefit from DH by committee: Jorge will only catch about 115 games, according to himself, so he could DH 40 games; Swisher could DH 35 games because he tired late in the year and he could play first for 7 games. Alex could use some rest and DH 15 games, Derek 10 and Mark 5. Needing some speed, Gardner could DH 35 games, he seemed to do well in that role. Brian, please leave well enough alone.



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