Yankees to host 16th annual Food Drive Thursday

The Yankees will continue a holiday tradition on Thursday by hosting their 16th annual Food Drive at Yankee Stadium, presented by White Rose to benefit the Bronx community.

Between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. ET, any fan bringing 30 pounds on non- perishable food to Gate 2 (corner of 164th Street and Jerome Ave.) will receive a voucher good for two Grandstand or Bleachers tickets to one of 20 designated 2010 Yankees games.

All collected food will be distributed throughout the Bronx to those in need. Fans driving to the Stadium may pull up to Gate 2 to drop off their donation.  Rice and bottled water will not be accepted.

To help kick off the Yankees Food Drive, White Rose will donate 6,000 pounds of food. In addition, the Yankees will purchase $10,000 worth of food from White Rose for distribution.  

Tickets are subject to availability with respect to each specific game, and vouchers must be redeemed by April 30, 2010. The designated games are as follows:

May 3 vs. Baltimore; May 4 vs. Baltimore; May 19 vs. Tampa Bay; June 2 vs. Baltimore; June 3 vs. Baltimore; June 29 vs. Seattle; July 20 vs. Los Angeles-AL; July 21 vs. Los Angeles-AL; Aug. 2 vs. Toronto; Aug. 4 vs. Toronto; Aug. 16 vs. Detroit; Aug. 17 vs. Detroit; Aug. 19 vs. Detroit; Aug. 31 vs. Oakland; Sept. 1 vs. Oakland; Sept. 2 vs. Oakland; Sept. 8 vs. Baltimore; Sept. 20 vs. Tampa Bay; Sept. 21 vs. Tampa Bay and Sept. 22 vs. Tampa Bay.

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