Nick Swisher, TV star

Set your TiVos: Nick Swisher is set to play himself in an episode of CBS’ ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ which will air on Monday, Feb. 1 at 8 p.m. ET. The show will begin shooting on Wednesday.

According to, the premise is this: “Swisher drops by a bar and the women all swoon — putting a major crimp in bachelor Barney’s (Neil Patrick Harris) game.”

Sounds like standard sitcom fare, but this would be a good place to mention how many times Swisher has made it a point to say how happy he is with his girlfriend, TV actress Joanna Garcia. So, sorry ladies, but he may have to do a little acting here on the small screen. NPH wouldn’t do that.  


For that matter, Lieber is a FA this year…… He’d be a CHEAP option that we KNOW can pitch in the ball park (STILL pissed that we let him go….)


Damon’s not coming back to DH. He’ll ask WAY too much and expect to play. We have no space on the roster for a full time DH. Matsui got his ring and he’ll always have a place in my Yankee heart. How is Cameron upgrading the Sux on either side of the ball considering that it probably means that they won’t end up with Bay??? He hits 30 points lower, slugs 50 points lower, and it 7 years older?? PLUS he’s a head case….. I for one am GLAD the Suchs got him so we don’t pursue him anymore…. I think Wang is going to go for cheap money, cheap enough that he should get one more chance with us – he just didn’t forget how to pitch! He was 19-7, 19-8 and 7-1 before he got hurt. Give him a 1 year incentive laden contract with an option on a 2nd or 3rd (either player or team). That would be MORE than adequate. With Joba in the rotation, he’d be slotted in as #5 when he returns, no pressure, let’s see what he can do. I mean we’re already ready to start ST (in 90 days!!) with any one of Hughes, Mitre, Gaudin or Aceves in the #5. With that, why NOT take another swing at Wang?


*Yes indeed, Halladay to the Phillies… Like they needed him! The Mariners are doing great this off-season – check out my blog for some insight on the Yankees options from here!


Halladay to the Phils and Lee to the M’s?? Isn’t that essentially a zero-sum for Philly????

Lackey’s headed to the Suchs…… Let him go. I think we try to resign Wang. I’m sorry but he didn’t all of a sudden forget how to pitch…… then put hughes in at number 5 and end the debate, put Joba in the pen and let him fulfill his career replacing Mo and go after Mo’s record….


Fan Confidence Poll: December 14th, 2009
By Mike Axisa


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