Wang now a free agent

In a move that should not have been all that surprising, Chien-Ming Wang is now a free agent.

It wasn’t that the Yankees didn’t love everything Wang did for them in their uniform, including winning 46 games in 2 1/2 years before that awful baserunning incident in Houston last June. But after seeing him struggle so mightily this season coming off that injury and heading toward season-ending surgery, Wang’s situation was just a little too uncertain.

“There’s no doubt that we had to make a tough decision,” said Yankees
general manager Brian Cashman. “We are still hopeful that our
relationship can continue, but those decisions are yet to be made.”

Had the Yankees tendered Wang a contract, they would have been bound by a rule that makes a maximum pay cut of 20 percent of the $5 million he earned in 2009 – a $4 million deal. The return on that investment is questionable, and so the Yankees will try to re-sign Wang to a lesser deal heavy in incentives.

Speaking this week to Wang’s agent, Alan Nero, it appears as though Wang will now engage all 30 teams. Nero didn’t rule out Wang coming back to the Yankees, a place where he truly is well-liked in the clubhouse and seems comfortable, but it sure doesn’t seem like a slam dunk.


i’m a little worried now that boston has picked up…John Lackey…i wish Wang had not got hurt but he did…so now what will the Yankees do…they will have to face the Red Sox with Lester Beckett and Lackey…Plus Matzusaka Tim Wakefield and Clay Bucholtz for a bonus..and Bucholtz could turn out to have a better season than Lackey…so i hope the Yanks make some moves to counter this…or are they holding the money until next year…?
i know they want Lee next season and Maur if they are available….so maybe this year the Yanks won’t make any big deals…


I read that the Cardinals might be interested in him. That could be the best place for him. A sinker ball pitcher with a sinker ball pitching coach. He may turn out to be Dave Stewart II.


Now that a player like jack cust from the A’s has been non-tendered *** well, why cant he play some left/right/DH for the yanks, he wont cost as much as damon or matsui, he is a lefty with power who could easily hit 35 home runs plus in Yankee stadium and i think if he was in a line up where he wasn’t the only power threat like that of the A’s and with some help from our hitting coach he could cut down on those ridiculous amount of strike outs


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