Value pitching on Yankees’ to-do list

Like any other team, the Yankees are looking for pitching. But unlike
last winter, they aren’t about to set their sights on the top guys in
the marketplace and cut $243.5 million in checks – bad news for guys
like John Lackey, to name one.

Yankees GM Brian Cashman said on
Wednesday that re-signing Andy Pettitte was the Bombers’ top priority,
and now that they’ve completed that work, they could be set heading
into the season with Pettitte as the No. 3 starter behind CC Sabathia
and A.J. Burnett.

“The starting pitching market is a headache,”
Cashman said. “That’s why I’m very happy that we got Andy done, because
I have less of a headache. I’m not saying we don’t have more needs
there, but looking at some of the price tags there, we might have to
wait that thing out or refocus.”

Cashman also sniffed at the
market for free agent starters, saying that he’s happy he doesn’t
necessarily need to wade in those waters again.

“Listen, I got
murdered last year in the marketplace,” Cashman said. “You don’t want
to be in there looking for a starter. Look at the commitments we had to
make. Thankfully we won a World Series, but those are huge commitments.
If you can grow your own, keep them healthy and productive, it’s a lot

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