Cashman on Granderson trade

Brian Cashman was just at the podium with D-backs GM Josh Byrnes and Tigers GM Dave Dombrowski. Here are Cashman’s answers to the questions relating to the Yankees part of the three-team, seven-player deal:

Q. You’ve been hesitant to talk about the Minor League talent. What
was it about Granderson that made you decide you would trade Jackson
for the other guys?

BRIAN CASHMAN: If Josh and David agree
with me, I’m hesitant — I’m probably the last one trying to get
through this, because I have been very protective of young talent, and
I think for good reason. I think Oppenheimer has done a fantastic job
of getting these three guys right out of our draft that Phil Coke just
won a championship and Austin Jackson’s right there.
I have said no to him on so many deals along the way. And, you know,
Ian Kennedy is — he’s going to be a guy that’s going to provide
quality innings and wins, and I think is in a perfect situation now
with Arizona.
So it was hard for me to do that, both for the depth that they provide,
the insurance, the cost control, their ability, and what they object to
be. But in this particular case, we are coming off a situation right
now where we have two guys right now that are free agents, Matsui and
our left fielder, Johnny Damon, that right off the bat is somewhere in
the 50 home run range coming right out of our lineup.
So when you learn that there is a potential opportunity to bring in a
premium position player, here is a centerfielder that’s an
above-average centerfielder with power: Hitting 30 home runs in that
ballpark; left-handed bat; loves batting in Yankee Stadium; he’s
It’s one of those things where you really look hard at it. We had a lot
of discussion. It did take a long time, a lot of creativity by the
people here at this table to pull it off.
So he’s an exceptional character guy, too. So the clubhouse, which is
big in New York obviously because there’s a lot more that comes around
with being a player in this game — but playing in New York with all of
the added attention, that’s certainly important to have as part of it.
So when you broke down Granderson and what he brought to the table from
the offensive to the defensive, the personality side, it made me think
real hard, mainly because internally what we potentially are losing and
having to replace, this guy can step in right in place and he can step
in right now as a hitter and do it, versus giving more time for the
other guys to step up and get it done.
But it was a hard decision to make. We are excited about what we are
getting, and we are distraught about what we gave up at the same time.

Q. Will this move keep you from bringing back Damon and Matsui?

BRIAN CASHMAN: Not necessarily. We are still fluid in our discussions.
It gives us comfort right now to know that we have solved a big part of
at least some part of our offense that was vulnerable. We have great
offense as it is. But obviously when you have the potential of losing
Matsui and Johnny Damon, right now they are having conversations and
now being able to secure somewhat the stability of Granderson, so it
gives you more of a comfort level that we have it taken care of, that
it’s not as bad as it was an hour ago before sitting at this podium.
We feel like we are more lined up as we move forward. But the next few
decisions we make are just as important overall to 2010 and beyond,
whatever they may be. I’ll still be engaged with teams and I’ll still
be engaged with agents. We are continuing to try to reshape this thing.
We have a very athletic outfield, and obviously with Swisher and Melky
and Gardner, Granderson, all of those guys can play every position,
switching mostly to the left and right side, and played centerfield for
the White Sox a few years ago.
They have a lot of flexibility for us, and the Granderson piece is
something we are excited about and happy to be bringing him aboard.

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At this point if they’re going to deal Melky or Gardner I’d rather see them deal Melky. He doesn’t have one strong tool so Gardner’s speed makes him stand out and Gardner would be a better defensive replacement.


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