Three camera phone photos from the Stadium

I was at Yankee Stadium on Thursday to cover a holiday event with Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation and had a little time to snap some photos with my iPhone. If you follow me on Twitter, these are going to be repeats, but I thought I’d put them up on the blog as well …

A group of reporters and photographers were ushered into the press conference room on the service level of the Stadium, where I discovered this staring right back at me …


Later I had to duck back up to the press box to pull something out of my locker and I was mildly surprised to still see this lineup written in chalk on the board. By the way, this is the same lineup board that used to hang in the media dining room at the old Stadium. It’s so cool that they’ve brought it over and keep using it in this age of computer printouts.

lineups.jpgSo of course I had to take a look out at the field, and what did I find on the pitchers mound but … a Christmas tree — lit before its counterpart at Rockefeller Center, I might add. ‘Tis the season!


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The Trophy and the Tree look comfortably at home. Great to be a Yankee fan.


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