Derek Jeter: “Not bad, for a guy who’s getting old”

capt.7e20a5bc42ce4bd696c96b9b52a558e2.derek_jeter_sportsman_baseball_nydg103.jpg“Not bad, for a guy who’s getting old.”

That’s what the Yankees captain said to the Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins when he popped up from a slide at second base during the World Series this year, showing the same tongue-in-cheek humor he uses whenever a reporter asks about his veteran presence or his advancing years.

So as Jeter was in the Meatpacking District last night to accept his 2009 Sportsman of the Year award from Sports Illustrated, he wanted his father, Dr. Charles Jeter, to introduce him at the podium. Dad gladly did the honors, promising that he’d be brief as Jeter’s mother, Dorothy, looked on approvingly.

Dr. Jeter admitted that as he watched his son run around the diamond with one of his best performances in years, he was flashing back decades ago, when Jeter would suit up to play ball just for the love of the game and a dream to someday be a Yankee.

“It seemed like I spent a lot of time thinking about Derek in Little
League,” Dr. Jeter said. “Opening Day, walking the parade with his
uniform on, and he’s stepping up with his shoulders back and smiling —
so proud to be part of a team as he heads to the field. Some of that
enthusiasm, I still see now.”


Bryan, I stopped linking to other articles a long time ago but you did such a great job with your article this morning when you wrote…

“Yanks looking for pitching, left fielder”

that I linked it to my website and my facebook fan page which has 1,509 fans.


The Blosox signed Scutaro for 2 years. He’s a good player & addresses their needs. What have the Yanks done? Nothing. The early bird gets the worm.


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