Millions to line the Canyon of Heroes for Yankees parade

canyon of heroes.jpgThis is going to be a big one. Oh, is it going to be a big one.

People have been lining the parade route for hours down on the Canyon of Heroes, getting ready on a cold day in New York to see their Yankees celebrate the 27th World Series championship. It’s going to be windy, whipping all that confetti around and creating quite the spectacle.

“What’s sweeter than a World Series won at home? The only thing that
comes close is a ticker-tape parade up the Canyon of Heroes, and that’s
exactly what New Yorkers will get on Friday,” Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said.

Up in the Bronx, the Yankees and employees are boarding two dozens buses that will take them downtown via police escort for the start of the celebration, which begins on Broadway at Battery Place and continue northbound to Chambers Street, followed by a ceremony at City Hall Plaza, where the Mayor plans to
present Joe Girardi’s Yankees with keys to the city for their defeat of
the Phillies in the six-game Fall Classic.

If I may take you off-site for a moment, here is a handy parade guide from the New York Daily News. Bundle up if you’re going to be out along with three to four million of your best buddies, but savor this one, the Yankees’ long-awaited first parade since 2000. 

“New York has been hungry for a championship. We gave it to them,” Alex Rodriguez said.

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Fan Confidence Poll: November 9th, 2009
By Mike Axisa


The parade isn’t even over, and I read that Hideki Matsui’s future with the Yankees is up in the air. Hideki matsui had a great post season hitting over .340 against the league’s best pitchers. He had 28 HR , 90 RBIs, 66 BB, .367 OBP, and a .509 SLG. Without him, the Yankees would not be World Series Champs. Hideki has one of the league’s best percentages in driving in runners in scoring position.
The Yankees should instead look to find a more talented CF in place of the mediocre hitter Melky Cabrera. Melky is one of 2 in the lineup not to have 20 HR. He is the weak link in the lineup the Yankees should look to replace, NOT THE PROVEN Hideki Matsui. Get your priorities straight Yankee management. Sign Matsui and don’t play games with him.


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