27 outs to No. 27: Andy vs. Pedro

Tonight brings us one of the most anticipated games of the season, and you really cannot script it any better than this. All that stands in the way of the Yankees winning their 27th World Series title is Pedro Martinez.

Andy Pettitte gets the ball tonight for the Yankees on three days rest in what Martinez called a matchup of a couple of “old goats.”

The Yankees have all the faith in the world that their offense will get it done in the first couple of times through the order against Martinez, with Alex Rodriguez oh so close to his first World Series ring, Derek Jeter commanding the ship as usual and Mark Teixeira grinning despite hitting 2-for-19 thus far in the Fall Classic.

What’s he got to smile about? Well, for one thing, all of the Yankees can breathe a sigh of relief that Mariano Rivera is still there to lock down any leads in the late innings. Rivera is almost certainly going to be asked to get more than three outs tonight if New York is up late – the question is, when will Joe Girardi push that button?

If it’s the difference between going to Game 7 and putting a World Series trophy on George Steinbrenner’s desk, expect Rivera to be called into action in the eighth inning and maybe even the seventh. There could be no tomorrow, so it is time to empty the tank.


Tonight’s game has Yankees Classic written all over it.



Aussie B,
You must have me mistaken for some one else. I fire my shots after the game has ended. I’m slow like that. NY should’ve played to win game 5 in Philly. You beat them in their park so their fans & they can watch you celebrate on their field. That’s how you do. Pettite on 3 days rest is nothing to put your money on. Believe me, I’d like for nothing else but a Yanks win tonight. I don’t have much faith. I read an article how game 6 is going to be like a chess match between the coaches. Manuel gets the nod there.


Andy usually has trouble in the first inning or two and then settles down, but usually doesn’t go well after 5 innings. Tex and Cano really have to step up to the plate offensively. I don’t know what’s wrong with the two of them but they’re swinging at bad pitches and looking bad doing it. They’re being paid the big bucks not just to have a good batting average and hit home runs in the regular season. They need to contribute at the plate. Both get it done in the field but we need their bats particularly when there are men on base. Anyway, let’s hope that tonight will be the end of the series and the yankees will be world champions. Would hate to go to a 7th game even with CC because you just never know what can happen. Philly has won in Yankees stadium before. Go Yankees!!



As normal you come firing shots before the first pitch is thrown. The Yankees have squared series 1 in NYC then gone to one of most hostile ball parks and one that series 2-1 setting up the chance to win at home in front of NY fans. Pettite has been stellar all post season, yes a bit shaky last start but got the job done by toughing it out. Toughing it out being the main point.Mymoney is on Martinez cracking early. All Andy has to do is get through the first and second. Look for our offence to be all over Martinez in the first and second. They do have Burnett available to come in if Andy falters and he has not had two successive bad starts all year so if required he will be better than his last start. Even if it goes to game 7 CC would have the upper hand
My prediction for what it is worth NY to go into the fourth a minimum of 4-1 up, then go to Burnett for2 or three then Joba then Mariano. I have double checked with my Crystal Ball and it is all systems go.

Aussie Bryan


The Yanks need to sign Lackey & slot him behind C.C. Burnett is a # 3. Bring Pettite back for #4 & keep Gaudin as 5. I’ve been saying this for a couple of years now, Cano has got to go! The outfield needs an overhaul next season as does the bullpen.


It’s obvious to me that the Yanks do not want to win this series. They’ve coughed up the lead pretty much in the 1st inning of every game. I’m not talking about 1 run either. The same issues that we’ve been b*itching about for the last 2 years is haunting this team: starting rotation is weak, the bench is weaker, & the bullpen sucks. The Phils have all of the momentum & the Yanks have everything to lose. I sense a huge meltdown on the Yanks’ part & no #27.


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