Just one win away now

nyywingame4.jpgThe Yankees need just nine more innings of winning baseball to secure the 27th championship that Joe Girardi strapped on his back before the 2008 season, offering a daily reminder of the mission that this franchise has been assembled to compile.

And as the sun begins to set over Citizens Bank Park and the tickets for Game 5 of the World Series begin to flow toward the turnstiles, the Yankees’ greatest challenge is to just take this like any other game.

“Our attitude is that the clincher is the same as the first game,” Derek Jeter said. “You’re
just trying to win a game. You can’t worry about what happens in the
aftermath. The bottom line is that we need to come out here and play

He’s right, of course. A.J. Burnett can’t necessarily try any harder just because the champagne has been wheeled somewhere into the basement, and the Yankees still have a heap of work ahead of them with handling Cliff Lee this evening.

“It’s great.  I’ve waited a long time for it, and I’m going to take it full stride,” Burnett said. “I’m going to go out there with everything I’ve got, and you take nothing for granted.  I’ve seen some crazy things this post season, and I guess that’s why they call it post season baseball, because anything can happen.
“But you’ve got a great lineup over there, and we’re going up against Cliffy.  So I’m just going to try to go pitch for pitch against him and keep our squad in it.  But I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait.”
There is a vibe in the building that the Yankees could get it done tonight. Even the Philadelphia reporters are pressing Charlie Manuel and Shane Victorino in the interview room as though the World Series is already over.

It isn’t, but the Yankees can get it there.


AJ certainly looked shakey in that 1st inning. He’s settled down more since then but not as dominant as he has been. Utley has been killing us all series. Time for Tex to start doing some killing of his own. He’s been rather non existant at the plate this series. The bottom of our lineup is certainly weak tonight with Molina in catching. Hopefully when AJ is out in later innings they’ll bring Posada in to replace him. The Yankees have to get some hits tonight and runs which they weren’t able to do the first time around with Lee.


I’d like to see Lee get his come-uppance tonight just for the ho-hum casual way he caught that pop fly in his last outing. He was kind of thumbing his nose at the Yankees for the fact they couldn’t hit him and he had their number. Maybe he did and maybe he does but rubbing it in like that is rather unprofessional. Anyway, he deserves to get knocked out of the game tonight. Hope the Yankees are up to it. I’m sure they’d like to win in their own ball park with their own fans but take the win when you can get it whether it’s in the other team’s ball park or not. Cabrera hasn’t done much all world series anyway so I don’t think it’s a big loss and perhaps Hairston or Gardner might get more done at the plate and on the bases. Cabrera hasn’t really looked comfortable at the plate in the post season and hasn’t got any real clutch hits. Give it to Lee tonight guys! Go Yankees!!


Why don’t both teams have somewone watching TV who sees the replay of some of hese poor umpires decisions?
That person could relay it to the MGR. who would challenge.
If both teams had such a person, it would be fair.


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