Swisher soaks in the World Series stage

swisher game 3.jpgNick Swisher finally had a World Series moment to smile about, and he was going to soak in every minute of it. When Swisher was led to the interview room last night, he pulled out his cell phone and began taking video of all the reporters assembled to ask him questions, saying that he wanted to remember this scene forever.

Here’s some of what Swisher had to say about his 2-for-4 showing in Game 3, which he believes has turned his postseason around after entering the game 4-for-35 and benched in Game 2 for Jerry Hairston, Jr.:

“Well, I think tonight just really, really turned things around for me.  You know, I mean, obviously this post season has been kind of a struggle for me, but I’ll tell you what, I think the real thanks from me definitely goes to my teammates.  My manager, those guys have never lost faith in me.  And my family, they’ve been behind me this whole way.  It’s different.  When you’re in the post season and you’re in New York, it’s completely different than anywhere else I’ve ever been.
“It’s nice to have a day like this, but it’s just one game.  I mean, right now we’re sitting 2 1, and it’s all about the team.  We want to get this thing.  Obviously coming here into a hostile crowd like tonight, it’s great to definitely get a game here.”

Here’s the quick Q&A Swisher did with MLB.com a few minutes later.

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