Canned camera

TV camera.jpgFOX has responded to that camera that was hanging over the right-field fence for Alex Rodriguez’s home run last night, pushing it back so it no longer interferes with play.

Interestingly, neither Joe Girardi nor Charlie Manuel said they were aware of the ground rule that any ball striking the camera would have been a home run in Game 3. Neither Girardi nor Manuel took the lineup card to home plate, delegating those duties to Mick Kelleher and Pete Mackanin, respectively.

“I think it’s kind of interesting where the camera is,” Girardi said. “I’d be curious to see where it is today.”

A-Rod’s homer was the first instant replay-reviewed play in the World Series.

“Well, it’s only fitting, right?” Rodriguez said. “I don’t know if that’s controversy with the replay.  There is no controversy, so they had a good chance to see it in New York or wherever the headmaster is, I’m just glad we got a good ruling.” .
“They got it right. That’s the bottom line,” Girardi said.

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