A-Rod: Swing at strikes, Classic is a piece of cake

arodoctober.jpgNever mind the 0-for-8 showing and six strikeouts! Alex Rodriguez said that the October pressure has actually decreased from his torrid performance in the ALDS & ALCS.

“It works backwards for me,” Rodriguez said. “I thought the most
intense series was Minnesota, then Anaheim and this one. The most
pressure was Minnesota, because obviously, you don’t want to go home
after five games. For me again, it’s about swinging at strikes, and
it’s nothing different.”

Rodriguez held court very briefly with reporters after the Yankees’ workout on Friday and repeatedly used the phrase “swing at strikes,” peppering almost every comment with it as though he is trying to convince himself just as much as to get a point across.

Yet Johnny Damon isn’t so sure that A-Rod is going to get to see many pitches to hit. Here was his response when I asked him what he’s seen from Alex in the last two games:

“We definitely need to pick him up, but as you saw at the end of the
Angels series, he just wasn’t being pitched to at all,” Damon said. “If he gets in that zone where he can get
a strike, hopefully he can do damage with it. Teams are going into this
series and saying, ‘Let’s not let Alex stay hot. Let’s not let him beat

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