The genesis of Andy Pettitte’s stare

pettitte stare.jpgThis image is what many of us think of when you hear about Andy Pettitte in October — that nasty stare toward home plate, hat pulled down tightly over his forehead. In a press conference here at Citizens Bank Park this afternoon, Pettitte was asked how that all got started:

“I can’t remember exactly when I started doing it.  I believe it was in the Minor Leagues.  I’m almost sure it was in the Minor Leagues.  It started just    I wanted to just see the mitt, and I felt like if I narrowed the window down that    sometimes I would see other things.  Sometimes I’d pick up maybe just people in the stands behind the catcher and stuff like that, and I’m talking about before you throw a pitch or something like that.

“So for me I just wanted to try to simplify it as much as I can and just see the mitt and try to see my ball going to where I want it, almost visualizing the pitches before I throw them and stuff like that.  Really for me that’s where it all came from is just trying to just hone in on my where I’m trying to get that ball to go to.”


There are some of us who think that Bryan was always better than Pete though no-one can touch Pete’s humor. LoHud should improve as Chad Jennings gets settled in and SWB has yet to find a replacement for Chad who was an excellent source of Minor League information.


You’re definitely the best Yankee blogger since Pete left for Boston. What LoHud has going on now is a mess. Thanks for this great story. It’s just a small little tidbit, but I like it.


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