Swisher, Hairston discuss lineup swap

As far as right field goes in Game 2, the story is that the struggling Nick Swisher’s out and jack-of-all-trades Jerry Hairston, Jr. is in.

That’s the bad news for Swisher. The good news is that after he spoke to reporters on the field during Yankees batting practice, Swisher was corralled by the lovely Maria Menounos for an Access Hollywood interview. Lucky guy.

Here’s the rundown of the baseball-related interview:

“Jerry’s got good numbers against [Pedro], let him go out there and do his thing.
Obviously you are frustrated, upset , but hey, this is part of the thing. This is a team game, we’ve gotten here by playing every one we have, you know Jerry hair is ready today, and he’s going to go out and do a great job.”
“I don’t feel bad. It’s just finding holes; that’s it. I just used today as a work day, and you know, keep pressing and this and that and be ready to go to back [in Game 3].”


“I always prepare myself to play every day. If I’m not in the lineup, I’ll prepare myself to maybe get in there later in the game. Obviously I’ve faced Pedro an awful lot. He’s definitely without a doubt one of the top two pitchers  of our generation. He’s been a  great pitcher for a long time.”

“You always get nervous. That’s a good thing. You want to be nervous. That means you are ready. I remember when I first got called up, Cal Ripken Jr. said, ‘It’s OK to be nervous”. So yeah, I’m just trying to make sure that I’m ready to play.”

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