Yankees: Team of the decade?

There’s a great audio clip they play all the time now where Bob Costas proclaims that the Yankees have become the team of the decade for the 1990s. It makes for a great debate this decade, where the Yankees have won one World Series (2000) and are playing in their fourth. The Phillies are trying to become back-to-back world champs and the Red Sox have won two titles.

If the Bombers win this one, you’d give them the crown, right? I certainly would. Hard to argue with winning two World Series and appearing in four, including the epic ’01 Fall Classic and going to the postseason in every year but ’08. Ian Browne polled numerous insiders for a MLB.com story and here’s some of what he came up with:

Rick Sutcliffe, ESPN: “For me, right now, if the Phillies win it again, it’s the Red Sox. But if the Yankees go on to win it, the way
they’ve dominated their division, I would go with them. Their overall
winning percentage is going to be a lot higher. It bothers me that the regular season doesn’t mean more. It
really is the true test of who the best team in baseball is. It’s like
the Cardinals in 2006. They weren’t the best team in baseball.”

Tim McCarver, FOX: “It would have to be the Red Sox. They won it after waiting for so long, and the way they came
back against the Yankees for the first time ever. They swept both World
Series they were in. It’s pretty easy to me.”

Johnny Damon, Yankees: “The Yankees are the team of all time. They’re
the franchise that every kid grows up and says, ‘I would love to be
able to put the pinstripes on.’ I’ve been fortunate to be able to and
some guys have been fortunate enough to do it their entire careers.
I’ve enjoyed my time playing here, and hopefully we can go win a World
Series, and hopefully I can be back for many more years.” 

Jon Miller, ESPN: “The Yankees have had the most success, really. If they
win the World Series and have had eight division titles and been the
best team in the American League four times, that’s impressive. The
Yankees lost the ’01 World Series, but that was an all-timer. In ’01,
the only reason they lost is because Mariano gave it up. It was almost
like Mariano gave it up to underscore how crucial he had been.”

Peter Gammons, ESPN: “The Phillies could end up with two very easily — I think they’re
going to end up with two. But it’s still not quite the same as [the Red Sox] being
down, 3-0, to the Yankees and coming back, and you look at the way they
did it. All the drama and the history that went with it. The Phillies
have been really good, too. They didn’t have great years early in the

Tom Verducci, Sports Illustrated: “I would say if the Yankees are in the World Series, they’re the team
of the decade. They would have the most wins in the decade and the most World
Series appearances and the most pennants. Not the most world
championships, depending on the outcome. But I don’t think you can
argue with choosing a team that won the most games, the most division
titles, most pennants so I think winning this pennant clinches the team
of the decade for them.”


One thing that was supported by this entry. The Red Sox network is not NESN, it’s ESPN!
— NYColeman


Bryan Hoch

From your namesake here in Melbourne A big thank you for all your informative feed back and updates throughout the year. I have thoroughally enjoyed it all.
Thanks for the video clip of Jayz a very New York anthem, I don,t know if it will surpass the mighty Frank but it will go very close. My two boys have found the clip and downloaded it to my ring tone replacing Nellies Heart of A Champion it is on theirs as well and is driving their non sport mother crazy.

JUST A WORD, MY OPINION ONLY SURE THERE ARE MOVES OR NON MOVES GIRADI HAS MADE SOME COME OFF SOME DO,NT. JUST REMEMBER WE CAN ONLY JUDGE THEM IN HINDSIGHT. HE HAS A SPLIT SECOND TO MAKE THEM. He has done a remarkable job in the two years. I know he copped plenty of flak over leaving Burnett in during game 5 but although he gave up 4 early he went through the next 5 brilliantly and based on that I can see why he left him in. The way Hughes was pitching who is to know what damage might have occurred. His show of faith towards Swish was excellent management although to be fair his choices were limited and Swish has been unbelievably good at right.

AGAIN GOD BLESS AND ENJOY . I am with you all in spirit from the first pitch to the last.

Aussie Bryan


Even if the Phillies win in 4, the Yankees have provided WS entertainment at least double the number of WS games than any other team this decade. We are a total of 9 wins and 9 loses and will add at least 4 . The Phillies can add at best 7 games to bring their total to 12 and can only achieve a maximum of 8 wins, same as the Red Sox!


Peter Gammons has got to be the most bias guy in baseball, he’s a Red Sox homer and he doesn’t do well hiding it. He doesn’t make a case for or against the Yankees, he just ignores them. Even though they too could win twice this decade.



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