Sticking with two lefties for the Halos

Today Joe Girardi discussed his decision to keep lefty Damaso Marte on the roster for the ALCS instead of bringing Brian Bruney up from the workout camp in Tampa:

“We decided to stay with Marte, looking at (Kendry) Morales as a guy you like turning around,” Girardi said. “(Chone) Figgins is a guy you like turning around. On a day like today, when Bobby (Abreu) follows Figgins, that scenario might come up.”

Girardi said that Eric Hinske was disappointed when he was told that he had been replaced by pinch-runner Freddy Guzman for the ALCS.

“He was, but Hinske’s a pro,” Girardi said. “I told him, ‘We’re going to keep you here and we’re going to keep you going, because we want you ready in case something happens or in the next round.”

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