Ready to get Game 1 underway

workout 101509.jpgThe forecast is looking better for baseball in the Bronx and both the Yankees and Angels are filtering in to Yankee Stadium, ready to get the ALCS started. If you’re heading out here, bundle up for winter and bring some cash for hot chocolate. You’re going to need it.

I think I speak for us all when I say that it will be good to finally see nine innings on the field here tonight, and get away from the batting practice and bullpen sessions both teams have been going through during the layoff between games.

But there has been plenty of news coming out of the workout days here, as you can see from this coverage rundown on

“It’s always good to have a strikeout guy,” backup catcher Jose Molina
said. “It takes away from the big innings. A lot of people like contact
guys. I say more a strikeout guy will take you away from a lot of big

“Sometimes what’s not talked about is how good of a team they’ve been
over the last 10 years,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “World
Series teams, ALCS’s, winning their division, winning 100 games.
They’ve been very tough on the Yankees. They’re different than most

“We thought that we could use another speed guy in this round,” Girardi
said. “We’ve had some success doing those types of things late in
games. In a seven-game series, we felt that it could come up late in

“This is Yankee weather,” Yankees catcher Jorge Posada said. “We’ve
been playing like this all year. It seems like every time we come home,
it’s been raining. We deal with it and they have to deal with it.”

“The slide step is something that’s helped me out a lot lately in my
career,” Sabathia said. “But it’s tough when you have [Chone] Figgins
over there and he’s jumping around, and [Erick] Aybar and those guys —
it’s tough. It’s easy to make a bad pitch or hang a pitch to one of the
guys in the middle of the lineup.”

“I think they have some very good ballplayers on this club,” said
Angels general manager Tony Reagins. “I may be speaking out of turn,
but I don’t know if they envisioned the ball flying out of here as much
as it does. With the power that they have in that lineup, if it
continues to play this way, there are going to be a lot of offensive
numbers put up that are impressive. Unless something changes, like the
dimensions, I think we’re going to see that kind of offensive output.”

Bauman: Yanks’ overhaul to be tested

“You come here to win a championship,” said Sabathia, the Yankees’ Game
1 starter. “We are one step closer to that. It’s been a lot of fun
coming here with all these great players. You have guys in that
clubhouse that are probably going to the Hall of Fame. It’s fun to see
them go about their business every day, and being a part of this team.”

For five Yankees, ALCS a happy return

“I didn’t think it was that long, to tell you the truth,” said Posada.
“We play here, and we get ready for this. We come to Spring Training
thinking that we have to be in the playoffs. The season doesn’t really
end for us. It just keeps going when it comes to October. We just hope
that we can continue and play a little longer than we have in the last
five years.”

ALCS predicted to be long, hard fight polled 13 baseball writers and broadcasters — seven from
national media outlets as well as five from the New York market and one
from California — and nine of them picked the Yankees to take the
series. But it likely won’t be easy, as seven said the ALCS will go the
maximum seven games.

Rivera excused from Yankees workouts

“It’s nothing physical; it was personal reasons, and he will be here [Friday],” Cashman told the New York Post.

Yanks’ Molina has insider’s view of rivals

“At the beginning, when I got traded here, I never expected this team
would be the way they were,” Molina said. “They’re really close with
each other. From outside, you can say a lot of bad things about it. But
when you’re in here, you realize what a team is about.”

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