Was that payback?

The Yankees were pretty tight-lipped about the pitch that hit Mark Teixeira on the left hand last night, and sometimes a no comment is a pretty good indication that there’s something brewing.

Asked if they thought David Price’s pitch had some purpose behind it, Teixeira said, “I have no idea,” and Joe Girardi said, “I don’t know.”

Naturally, both Price and Rays manager Joe Maddon said there was nothing doing, but clearly Girardi was thinking back to Sept. 8 – when Carlos Pena’s season ended courtesy of two broken fingers and a CC Sabathia fastball – when he glared into the Tampa Bay dugout, shaking his head.

The best thing the Yankees can do now, of course, is count their blessings and then do absolutely nothing in retaliation to the Rays. They should have learned their lesson from the Jorge Posada – Jesse Carlson scrap with the Blue Jays. Tuck this one away for the future if you want, but there’s no reason to pick fights when the bigger prize is right around the corner. 

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