Chamberlain to work out of bullpen again

Joba Chamberlain has not made a relief appearance since Sept. 28, 2008 at Fenway Park, but he will get back on the bicycle and see if he remembers how to ride it on Sunday against the Rays, in what seems like it is a test run for the first round of the playoffs.

With the Yankees leaning toward taking the longer ALDS schedule and 10 pitchers, Chamberlain’s biggest value could be in relief, either as a long reliever or for a shorter burst. Yankees manager Joe Girardi said that he would be paying attention to how quickly Chamberlain warms up, as well as the results of the short stint and his approach on the mound.

“It’s not something new, so I have a plan on what I’m going to do to get ready because I’ve done it before,” Chamberlain said. “That’s the advantage that I have. It’s just coming to the ballpark and having the idea that you’re probably going to pitch in the game.”

The subject of so much debate over the last three seasons, the 24-year-old Chamberlain has been largely ineffective as a starting pitcher recently. He is 1-4 with a 7.75 ERA in his last 10 outings, with many of them having been restricted to less than five innings.

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Joba has proven his ability to pitch. Unfortunately, the ‘JOBA RULES” prevented him from really doing anything this season. I hope, that pitching out of the bullpenwill bring him back to his former great self. I just think it’s totally weird to have had such a thing as JOBA RULES in the first place. Sionce when do you limit a young pitcer that way


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