Yanks hit the cruise control

After Sunday’s playoff clinching party, the Yankees rested most of their regulars on Monday and still cruised to an 8-2 victory over the Royals. Chad Gaudin got a boost from Robinson Cano and Ramiro Pena hit his first Major League homer as the Yankees entered the cruise-control phase of their schedule heading into the American League Division Series.

It’s a long way from April, when the Yankees were among the first to see the freshly-renovated Kauffman Stadium and helped the Royals celebrate their home opener. The Yankees are preparing for the playoffs and the Royals are preparing to go play golf.

(It’s been impossible to forget that series because the Royals gave away these wonderful thick scorebooks to celebrate the opening of ‘The New K,’ and I’ve lugged that thing around the country with me since. Great giveaway.)

Brian Bruney touched on his emotional outing Sunday again, talking about how much he appreciated the standing ovation from the crowd after he recorded five outs against the Red Sox. Bruney had said that he wanted to look up and acknowledge the fans but couldn’t because he had tears in his eyes.

So every time that a player says he doesn’t hear the crowd, there’s something to remember. Sure they hear it. How could they not?


I wonder how superstitious Bruney is? Will he credit the uni number change?


Bruney was incredible on Sunday. He mowed down the opposition. Joe G. and Brian C. have a true dilemna in deciding which pitchers to carry. Yankee fans can be harsh, but they’re also sentimentalists who enjoy watching one of their own overcome adversity. Bruney realizes what a great thing it is being a Yankee. Kudos to him because there have been some players who have worn the pinstripes who never, “got it.”


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