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I tweeted this story a few days ago on my Twitter account @bryanhoch, but it couldn’t hurt to open it up to the larger blog audience …

It seems that last week the Yankees – Red Sox rivalry visited a classroom up in Baldwinville, N.Y., where young Nathan Johns was told to go to the bathroom and turn his CC Sabathia Yankees t-shirt inside out by teacher — and Red Sox fan — Peter Addabbo.

Via the Post-Standard:

    “I thought to myself ‘Is he serious or is he kidding,'” said Nate, 9,
    a student in Peter Addabbo’s fourth-grade class. “But he had this look
    like he wasn’t kidding at all.”

    Nate complied, and said he was later told to wear it that way until
    dismissal. At lunch, Nate said the fifth-graders made fun of him
    because he wearing his shirt inside out.
     “It was such a horrible day.” Nate said. “I don’t ever want anything like to happen again.”
     Nate said he felt he was treated unfairly.
    because my teacher doesn’t like the Yankees I should still have the
    right to wear a Yankees shirt,” Nate said Thursday after school. The
    teacher has Boston Red Sox paraphernalia all over the classroom on
    display, he said.

    Baldwinsville Schools Superintendent Jeanne Dangle said Friday morning
    the district is conducting an investigation into the incident, and has
    told the parents she will get back to them on the issue in a few days.

    are investigating,” Dangle said. “This is a personnel issue, and we
    will be following up and doing what’s appropriate after we get all the

Here’s hoping young Nate brings a Yankees shirt back into the classroom soon. After what it sounds like the poor kid had to go through, the next one should read, ‘2009 American League East Champions.’

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