Joba rises to the occasion

Feeling better about the idea of Joba Chamberlain as the fourth starter in the postseason? The Yankees probably are. Chamberlain appeared back in form on Friday, firing six innings of three-run ball to log his first victory in a span of eight starts.

It must have helped to know that the ‘Joba Rules’ restrictions were finally relaxed and he was free to throw as many as 90 pitches — Chamberlain got to 86 and that was plenty as the Yankees coasted to a 9-5 victory over the Red Sox.

“You’ve just got to challenge yourself,” Chamberlain said. “There come points in your career when you’ve got to look yourself in the mirror and make an adjustment. I was at the point where I needed to do that, and it’s something I’ve had to learn at a young age, to do that quick.”

While the Yankees were in Anaheim, Joe Girardi and Dave Eiland sat down with Chamberlain and looked into his eyes. Girardi said that it wasn’t a reading of the riot act, but the point was made that the Yankees needed to see better results.

“We just had a discussion that we knew he was capable of pitching better and that we need to see him pitch better,” Girardi said.

It doesn’t seem like the outing will make the Yankees want to push Chamberlain into the American League Division Series, but they’ll need him if they get to the next rounds. This should make them feel better about that idea.


If the Yanks don’t win the WS then the regular season won’t matter, but seeing as the playoffs haven’t started yet it seems strange to start bashing them. At this point, they have almost acheived all they can at this point, home advantage throughout the postseason. One win or Red Sox loss and the division and best AL record is locked. Also, soccer is the most popular game in the world, and generates far more money than any other sport. Clearly enough people care about it to watch. Aussie Rules is an entirely different sport, and while I have never seen a game I can appreciate that it is huge in Australia. We’re all here to support or bash the handling of Joba, but bashing other sports doesn’t help get your points across.


It is about time that fans realized that Joba has a small number in IP during the minor leagues. Earlier in the year a grad student did a research paper of IP by Joba and her conclusion was that the didn’t have a large # of IP before becoming a major league pitcher. He pitched 88 1/3 innings in the minor leagues in 2007 and then 24 IP in the BP in 2007 in the majors. Before that he was in college and pitched about 200 innings in 2 years.

He was in Double A when Cashman, et al went to watch him pitch. He didn’t pitch well but his 4 pitches were impressive enough to convince management he had what it takes. Within 4 days he was in Triple AAA, within 7 days he was in the majors. He was definitely put on the fast track. But he truly did not have ample time to stretch out his arm and gain experience by pitching in the minors.

The TV announcers said that Lester was in the minors for 3 – 4 years. A lot of pitchers listed in the post on this page also had more time in the minors.

So before you bad mouth Joba, think about his lack of IP in the minors. Management did need to invent the Joba rules to protect their investment. He will be fine.


I too have bad mouthed Joba, But failed in knowing that he has only 80+ innings of minor league pitching. With that info I believe they could have handled “Joba Rules” a little bit different. He’ll be on schedule for a good 2010. Lester had well over 300 innings before he came up with the Sox. I am hoping that with more experience he will possibly be in the same class as Lester. Let’s give him a chance, He deserve it.
After a terrible start 0-8 vs the Bosox We are now 8-9, I don’t think any of us thought we could possibly split the series, A win tomorrow will do it. Quite an achievement.


Sorry the same management that has led this team to top of the division clearly, they have no idea obviously. Obviously I share the same crystal ball that you have used as to what Joba would have produced using your logic or thoughts as to how he should be or should have been managed.



Your last paragraph summed it all up. you are so egocentrical and biased , you have formulated an opinion without even looking at the other side. Where in my comments did I mention soccer. If would have read comments you would have observed the game Australian Rules, but what can you say, no doubt your opinion would have been the same. Sometime you have to see the other side or both sides before formulating an opinion. Obviously you know so much more than Yankee management.

Aussie Bryan.


Hey all you guys, rest assured management and management alone know what they have on their hands with Joba and they have known all along how to handle it ( him ). He is a special talent at a young age and as such he needs special treatment in order for him to fulfill such talent. I have had belief all along that it is all about timing and having him ready to fire at the right time. His next start should be special or at least that is my prediction.

In our National Football Game over here Australian Rules, yesterday was the Grand Final ( World Series if you like ). Geelong Football Club have a very similiar talent with a 21 Year Old with very special talent. They have nursed his development over the past 18 months, each game he played a new challenge was issued and they have given him minimum game time until the last 4 weeks or so. Their plan was to have him ready and firing at the end of the season and then into the finals. They Geelong and he Tommy Hawkins copped all the criticism for the perceived babying. But they knew what they were doing. The result well everyone of you should get a copy of The AFL Grand Final DVD Geelong v St Kilda 26 Sept 09. Apart from one stand out moment from the kid Hawkins You will watch a football game of intense bash and crash and intense continual pressure over 4, 30 minute quarters. They here are already calling it the greatest game ever in 120 years which is quite a wrap. I know you all love NFL but you could do worse than watch the game.

If anyone wants advice on how to obtain a copy you can contact me on

Joba will be fine probably this year but certainly in 2010 and beyond and it will be very special.

Aussie Bryan


Joba has pitched a lot better but he’s been too inconsistent to start in the playoffs.


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