9/23 – Yankees at Angels

A steamy day in Southern California as the banged up Yankees put a little bit of an unorthodox lineup out there. Jorge Posada has a bruised right foot (X-rays were negative) after fouling a ball off himself last night, and Nick Swisher fouled a ball off his right knee. Alex Rodriguez gets a day as well as the Yankees rest up and get ready for the Red Sox this weekend.

YANKEES (96-56)

Jeter SS
Hairston 3B
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Duncan RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Gardner CF
Molina C

Pitching: RHP A.J. Burnett (11-9, 4.22).

ANGELS (90-61)
Figgins 3B
Aybar SS
Abreu RF
Hunter CF
Morales 1B
Rivera LF
Kendrick 2B
Matthews RF
Napoli C

Pitching: LHP Scott Kazmir (9-8, 5.08).



Am I wrong ( again ) or was Rivera only one pitch away. I thought the count was 1-2 0r 0-2 when he hit the double off the wall with two outs. Still if Giradi was offer 3-3 before setting off, he would have taken it and ran, especially 2 from 3 against the devils ( angels ). What is your take and anyone else,s take on Kennedy will they take him into the post season . Giradi I believe has commited to only taking 10 pitchers and it appears Robertson is back and available. That being the case and presumably they will go with 4 starters CC,AJ AP and JC as the starters or maybe a swap with Joba and Goudin in the pen. Should be a really good test against The Red Sox at home, are you going.

Aussie Bryan


We were two pitches away from a 4 and 2 trip. That would have been nice.


3-3 for the Yanks on the West Coast = good trip. The most interesting item about this team over the last three weeks has been the Brett Gardner factor. This kid is exciting and tough. He reminds me of a young Johnny Damon without the noodle arm. Finally, what a great last inning by Mariano. His control, movement on his pitches, and ability to get the big out may well make him the greatest pitcher to ever wear the Yankee uniform. Sometimes in the playoffs, with the extra days off for travel, TV, etc., I’d like to see him go 2 or maybe 3 innings so I don’t have to sweat out all those pitching changes. I know this would be against current strategies employed by managers, but prior to 1980 this was standard operating procedure if you had a pitcher of his caliber.


Well I will rest tomorrow and will be fresh for the three games againist the Redsox. I will be at all three games, so I was glad a day game was played so I won’t have to stay up until midnight. Rest Thursday, and me and my brother will party at the stadium this weekend.


Wow, 7th inning and Pena batting. No bunt attempt to move Jeter to 2nd for Texeira. Is Girardi trying to win this game?? Doesn’t seem like it.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge”
Albert Einstein

That’s the problem, Girardi has no imagination!


enjoying the afternoon game over the Net…could’ve been 4 zip if Cano was around at the plate to help Tex slide inside vice outside right into Nap…


Unorthodox, but they are playing the same old style of Girardi Ball none the less. Why wasn’t Gardner running or trying to steal with Jeter up there??
A manager’s job is to put his team in the best position to win, does ‘afraid to make any kind of move’ Girardi do that? Of course it looks like they’re throwing in the towel on this one anyway with that line up… Shelley Duncan batting 5th??

Poor AJ, when he pitches well there’s no run support, and when he pitches not so well, well forget it!
Yes, we Yankee fans are hard to please… but Congrats to the team on the playoff berth!


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