Cashman: Joba needs to ‘declare himself’

If Joba Chamberlain is thinking he has the Yankees’ postseason roster made, Brian Cashman would beg to differ. He told Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record that Chamberlain has nothing assured, while also dropping the nugget that the Yankees will carry 10 pitchers for the American League Division Series:

“He needs to declare himself. He’s no different than anyone else. … Everybody loves his tenacity. But
we’re going to take the best 10 guys. There’s no assumptions there.”

“He’s put himself in a position where the manager has to make a
decision that there’s not one guy ahead of him that he needs to give
the ball to. [Chamberlain] might not realize it, but
he’s in competition with any number of guys to take the ball.”

One of those guys, Chad Gaudin, gets to audition tonight here at Angel Stadium. With Chamberlain struggling and Sergio Mitre having been moved to the bullpen, it’s up to Gaudin to make that decision a very interesting one.

“I can’t control it,” Gaudin said. “You control the controllables. I
feel that if I pitch well and do what I know I can do, hopefully in the
end it will take care of itself. All I can do is worry about tomorrow
and prepare myself to get a win.”


I agree that the Yankees can win the post season and the WS. In one of Bryan’s other articles he has written that the Yankees if the have that selection will choose the one giving them a day off. They might not need a fourth pitcher in the division series.

In the WS they will need that 4th pitcher and at this rate who knows who that will be.


Now after 2 and 1/3 years Cashman has lost confidence in Joba? Who started this g.d. “Joba Rules”? According to Torre’s book it was Cashman putting Joba on the fast track.

Cashman and other officials went to see Joba pitch in an “AA” game because they heard he was doing great. He called Torre and said that Joba was better than Hughes.

Joba was put in AAA for about 8 games and then was called up and put in the bullpen to save his arm. He was a starter and all intentions were for him to be a starter.

This year the Joba Rules sucked big time. He did pretty well in the earlier part of the season often only letting the other team score 3 runs before he left the game. Several times he had the lead and the bp and offense lost the game. Arod was out yet and the offense hadn’t gelled yet.

I hate to say this but Joba cannot pitch well to Posada although they have had a couple good games. I wish we all knew why.

Then management goes to 3 innings pitched. How can any pitcher maintain rhythm in 3 or 4 innings.

Management created this bad Joba and now they are ready to toss him to the wolves?


KBP: Nobody has said that this team cannot win, which in any case is a quite valid opinion, given the fact that this team certainly can bat, and with Sabathia, etc. they can certainly pitch. It is clearly a better team than the 2008 version.

But, isn´t it a FACT that Chamberlain is having problems? Isn´t anybody accountable? Showing concern for the obvious problems (who will be the 4th pitcher in the postseason?, for instance) is perfectly valid too.


BOSOX LOSE 5-1… Arod, Jorge Homer Great Keep it up…..



KBP: you miss my point, I said Yankees will win the World Series in spite all the mess we have gotten ourselves in by over managing. I am very confident the Yanks will win it.


Duncan & Gehrig and any other doomsdayers out there.

Sure they would like more from Chamberlain we all would and mark my words it will happen. The kid is 22 with a perceived huge upside. I do believe they are looking at long time goals like in his last 2 starts and touch wood post season but more importantly 2010, this is when they really see him, 2010 and beyond. It is a huge risk to let him go off the leash in 09. Other sides are letting young pitchers go out and throw fire from a young age and even let them go into the eighth and sometimes beyond. Kazmir is an example of that as he is not now what he once was.
Sabbathia Burnett and Pettite and possibly Joba will see this side through and is no doubt their best option in my humble opinion

Aussie Bryan


Gehrig27 you hit the nail on the head. Cashman please! We will win the World Series that is what I really feel in spite of the mess Giradi, Cashman and the cash money brothers (Hank and whatever the other brother name) has made of this team.


Cashman says that Chamberlain has “nothing assured”…Well, the one who shouldn´t have anything assured is Cashman himself…One question for him: who is accountable for the incredible mess they have made with this young pitcher? Are they planning the same “treatment” for Phil Hughes next year?


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