Holy hazing, Batman!


Can’t let this one go that easily. The Yankees had their annual rookie hazing yesterday in Seattle, with this year’s theme being the campy 1960s Batman TV series. That’s Mark Melancon as Batman, Mike Dunn as The Riddler, and Ramiro Pena as a very disturbing Catwoman.

Also pictured are radar gun operator Brett Weber as The Joker (Nick Swisher did the makeup), video coordinator Anthony Flynn as Robin, and and massage therapist Lou Potter as the Penguin. The guys had to wear their costumes past airport security, which of course is part of the embarrassing fun.

CC Sabathia took the whole group out for a steak dinner in California after the club landed around 9 p.m. PT, and some of the veterans like Andy Pettitte came along for the fun. The catch was that the guys still had to eat in their costumes (relaxed dress code, much?), though the Yankees did at least let Pena take off the mask so he could enjoy his meal.

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Oh my God. What a perfect theme!! Super Heroes!! I love it. Maybe next time Superman and his foes. Ha.

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