Obama: Jeter’s a “classic”

Derek Jeter’s name came up Sunday on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press,’ as President Barack Obama lauded the Yankees captain for passing Lou Gehrig’s hits record.

Obama called Jeter “a classic.” Jeter said that he wasn’t aware he’d been mentioned.

“Classic,” Jeter said at Safeco Field, walking toward the bat rack.

Obama declined to make solid playoff picks until his White Sox are eliminated, but mentioned the Cardinals and Yankees as having solid seasons. Jeter and Obama met briefly at the All-Star Game in St. Louis, with Obama telling Jeter he was a fan.

“It was probably the thing I’ll take most out of this All-Star Game,” Jeter said then. “He just said that he was a fan. That’s kind of hard to believe when you think about presidents, but that’s pretty nice to hear.”

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I don’t know about you guys, But even if we should go on to win the WS, I believe Joe Giradi and his coaching staff should be fired. They have the best team in baseball and mismanaged them. Too many poor decisions, with the pitching staff and lineup blunders, keeping playing those that should not have been here. You know who I mean, Ransom and others.
Yes Mitre did a good job last night, We need more of the same
from our relievers. I’d say turn Joba loose he’s got all winter to recoup. He’s been stymied for too long now.


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