9/4 – Yankees at Blue Jays

Picture 736.jpgIt’s Flashback Friday here under the open roof of the Rogers Centre, where the Blue Jays are breaking out their powder blues in all their 1980s goodness behind the 2009 American League All-Star Game starting pitcher, Roy Halladay.

Pre-game news out of the Yankees clubhouse includes the fact that Derek Jeter is not in the lineup tonight, which makes you think Lou Gehrig’s record just might be safe until the Yankees get home. Not that nine hits is completely out of the question in two games for Jeter, but I’d say if you have tickets for one of the Labor Day contests at Yankee Stadium, you might be in good shape.

I cobbled together an early story on Alfredo Aceves, who has vultured his way to a Major League-leading 10 victories as a reliever this season. Joe Girardi called him “unflappable” and to be honest, it was amazing to see him hardly react to a thrown baseball from the stands whizzing by him on the mound last night.

Aceves later said it was no big deal — he shrugged and said he’s seen bottles and footballs rain down on the fields of the Mexican League.

Along with Jeter, who has a jammed right pinky finger that isn’t considered a big deal, Nick Swisher also has the day off. Judging by Eric Hinske’s play in right field in the bottom of the first inning, that might not be a great thing. As an outfielder, Hinske is a great home run hitter.

The lineups:

YANKEES (85-48)
Damon LF
Hinske RF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Cabrera CF
Pena SS

Pitching (briefly): RHP Joba Chamberlain (8-4, 4.38).

BLUE JAYS (59-74)
Scutaro SS
Hill 2B
Lind DH
Millar 1B
Wells CF
Barajas C
Snider RF
Inglett LF
McDonald 3B

Pitching (longer): RHP Roy Halladay (13-8, 3.13).


Fair point. I guess Joba was told not to overthrow, all part of the protect his arm plan. Also, its possible he got more pumped up entering in the 8th inning. Hopefully this isn’t messing with his head, if Joba can be dominant the Yankees have a very solid playoff rotation.

Doc had seemed to lose focus. Can’t blame him, he’s a veteran guy and thought he was finally going to a playoff team, instead he plays out another year in Toronto. Facing the Yankees, who are also the best team in baseball, clearly pumped him back up though.


a7989, I don’t understand why Joba isn’t throwing in the mid-90s if he knows he’s only going to pitch a few innings. Makes no sense to me. And yeah, I’m with you re: Halladay and the Jays in the playoffs. He’s a premiere pitcher who’d been slumping. Unfortunately, he got his act together facing the Yankees. But we all know he’s a Yankee killer; it happens. Thankfully, the White Sox pummeled the Red Sux, so the 7.5 game lead remains intact. Winning the series is what’s on the horizon now.


Amen a7989


Watching Halladay hold the Yanks to one hit over a complete game shutout, I am glad that Toronto isn’t a playoff team.


Joba could throw harder when he first came up because he was in the pen. Starters usually don’t throw as hard as they can so they can save enough stamina to stay in games. That’s why Hughes is throwing harder now as well.


I’ll tell you why youth and these *UCKING Rules have got this kid screwed up. Again I say either put this guy in the starting rotation every 5th day or the bullpen and stop this dam rules crap.


Didn’t Joba used to consistently light up the radar gun with 97-100 mph fastball when he first came up? His average now is 93 with top out at 95 to 96. To me that is a loss of speed—–does anyone know why.


Joba needs some rules: ie Get batters out, 2 doubles and an error by Pena is not a very good start. I expected him to come out blazing away at the strike zone.. It looks like another short stint. I have my doubts he’ll be ready for post season. Mitre or Goudin will have to be ready. No consistancy, No idea of where pitch will wind up….Giving Halladay A 2 run lead this early is not good..


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