8/31 – Yankees at Orioles

YANKEES (82-48)

Jeter SS
Damon LF
Teixeira 1B
Matsui DH
Posada C
Cano 2B
Swisher RF
Hairston Jr. 3B
Cabrera CF

Pitching: LHP Andy Pettitte (11-6, 4.18 ERA).

ORIOLES (54-77)
Roberts 2B
Izturis SS
Jones CF
Markakis RF
Reimold LF
Mora 3B
Scott DH
Wieters C
Wigginton 1B

Pitching: RHP Jeremy Guthrie (9-12, 5.26 ERA)


jearl: Since when did you start blogging here? I don’t remember seeing your address here before. Before you criticize the bloggers here you need to have some history I would think.


I hate the people that come on here just to b*tch about the team when they don’t win a game. but then they never have anything positive to contribute.


Time for the September call ups. I’d like to see Ajax and Russo, but they’re not on the 40 man roster. Can they still be called up?


Again, WOW… Where is everyone ??
By rcngolf99 on September 1, 2009 8:29 AM

rcngolf99, the Yankees are winning. If, God forbid, they blow this lead, then this blog will be packed again. heh, heh

In the meantime…


Again, WOW… Where is everyone ??


Atta boy Andy. Nice job. This is the AP we MISSED last year after the AS break


Pettitte, who could not remember throwing a no-hitter or perfect game at any level of organized baseball, was quick to forgive Hairston.

“The ball took a bad hop on him,” Pettitte said. “He kind of looked like he moved to his left and had to go back to his right. I feel bad for him. He was hanging his head and I gave him a hug, like, ‘Dude, come on.’

“Obviously, it would have been cool and special for me, but it was no big deal, really. He’s not out there trying to make an error. He’s been a great addition to our club.”

Andy Pettite is a class act in my book.

– Man, Bruney seems to have lost the plot. Shoulder surgery must have done quite a number on him.

– Is anyone happier to be a Yankee than Swisher? Don’t think so.

– The Yankees have 31 games left. If they go 17-14 for the remainder, they’ll win 100 games. How cool would that be?


You hit the nail on the head seeknay51. Bruney is a mopup guy right now. I always get nervous when I see him warming up. The only reason for Girardi to put Bruney in was that he was trying to add to the Pettite and Rivera win-saves record. Girardi seems to be trying to give Bruney chances to find his old form but Bruney just doesn’t have it. I hope that the pitchers called up play well enough to replace Bruney for October, and possibly Coke as well.


Good job Mo, Bruney Take notes!!!!


Well it’s Mo. Tell you something Yankee fans Brian Bruney is a complete waste right now. If Girardi is planning his post season roster LEAVE BRUNEY OFF.


Totally agree with u a7989. Now in the 9th if I were Girardi I’d have Mo up. Tell you Bruney is UNDEPENDABLE!!!!


I tell you, if I’m Jerry Hairston I am absolutely hating myself right now. Should have made that play,and he knows it. What’s more, Pettite pitching from the stretch for the first time may well have contributed to the hit by Markakis. Tough luck to both Andy and Jerry.


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