Posada leaves after being hit with foul tip

Yankees catcher Jorge Posada left Wednesday’s game against the Rangers after reaggravating an injury to his left ring finger after being struck with an eighth-inning foul tip.

The play occurred with reliever Brian Bruney working to Texas cleanup hitter Nelson Cruz, who made contact on a pitch that hit Posada’s glove hand. He had been hit in an Aug. 12 game against the Blue Jays at Yankee Stadium and has been icing the finger since then.

“It’s been beat up before, and it just took another hit today to the same spot,” Posada said. “It was a little bit more painful than I thought it would be.”

Posada walked out past the mound in pain and was inspected by manager Joe Girardi and head trainer Gene Monahan, then left the game shortly after. X-rays were negative and Posada is listed as day-to-day, though he is not expected to catch Thursday.

Alex Rodriguez also fouled a ball off his left foot in the seventh inning and was hobbled momentarily but remained in the game. Girardi eventually lifted Rodriguez because of the lopsided 9-2 score. 


How many times over the last 15 years have Yankee fans been thankful that Jorge Posada and Andy Petttitte are on the team. Pettitte and Posada both showed why they are some of the all-time greats of the organization. Speaking of Posada and Yogi, as well as Pettitte and Whitey Ford in the same breath is appropriate. We are watching our greatest pitcher and catcher in the last 35 years play. Appreciate it because neither one has that many years left. They are true Yankee heroes. I can’t believe some people call Pettitte, “the back of the rotation.” The sight of Jorge Posada in pain should have been a nightmare to all Yankee fans because I assure you without him, the Yankees would be in trouble with regard to the playoffs.


I saw the post game and he redinged the left ring finger. He did it a while back and reinjured it. A few days at the most, so no worries.


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