Meet CC, Melky & Hairston at the Great Hall

Continuing their season-long fan outreach initiative, the Yankees will be having CC Sabathia, Melky Cabrera and Jerry Hairston, Jr. meeting and greeting this afternoon at the Great Hall entrance beginning at 4 p.m. ET.

The Yankees do this once per homestand and the lines always begin to fill up pretty early. The players are happy to pose for photos and, in most cases, sign autographs when asked.

If you’re planning on trying to meet the players, be sure to get to Yankee Stadium early.


I should have added that most of the current pitchers had over 254 IP. Joba’s total, pitched in the minors alone. Check Pettitte numbers. Joba did not have the minor league experience that most pitched did and that is maybe the reason of Joba Rules. While you are at it, please check Phil Hughes also as he will, no doubt be on an innings limit also next year.


Gehrig: The correct numbers you should have searched for and included are minor league IP and years. This is where Joba falls short compared to other pitchers.

1) Joba pitched 2 years college ball = 200
2) Joba went thru minors, called up late 2007 (About 2/3 yr)
3) Joba IP, 2007 = 24
4) Joba IP, 2008 101
5. Joba IP, 2009 130
TOTAL IP 254 as a professional in the majors not including minor league (2/3 year) IP.

This statistic shows that Joba didn’t get the minor league experience that other pitchers did. You should have included Santana who pitched in the minors more than one year and was even sent back.

So, with only 2/3 of a year in 2007 in the minors and 24 IP in the majors in 2007, theoretically he has not had the time to properly stretch out his arm as a professional. That stat only may be why the Joba Rules began.

Joba is still 23.

A grad student did a research project on this very topic and does have his minor league IP and compares the totals to other pitchers. If you want that info I will provide it for you.


Thanks, yankeepride for your comments, I totally agree with you…On a related topic, the other day I was reading about the 15-inning duel between Warren Spahn (Milwaukee Brewers) and Juan Marichal (SF Giants). SF finally won, 1-0, on the 15th inning. BOTH STARTERS PITCHED COMPLETE GAMES, and nobody was complaining about the future -or present, or past- of their arms…


What was your own arm injury attributed to?


Meant to type Tweedle Dumb & …..


The Yankees need to take the titty outta Joba’s mouth & let him pitch every 5 days or limit his pitches & stick his @$$ back in the pen. Between him & Mitre, that’s an automatic loss. I hope the management is noticing that the lead is shrinking. I was an advocate for Coach G but, he’s horrible! As for Eiland, if coach doesn’t tell him to go to the mound, he’ll sit next to Girardi & look like Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumber.


I have been checking, quite randomly, some stats from several young pitchers, just for the sake of making some comparisons with Joba Chamberlain´s special status because, truth be told, I had never heard of any such system, established not for one, but already for several seasons, like the “Joba Rule” system.

CHAMBERLAIN is at present 24 years old.
Seasons: 3 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 24.0 / 100.1/ 130.2 (2009)

Let´s compare his numbers with just a few other pitchers´stats:

TIM LINCECUM: 25 years old.
Seasons: 3 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 146.1/227/185.1 (2009)

MATT CAIN: 25 years old.
Seasons: 5 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 46.1/190.2/200.0/217.0/177.1 (2009)

JUSTIN VERLANDER: 26 years old.
Seasons: 5 (2009 included)
Inning pitched: 11.1/186.0/201.2/201.0/181.0 (2009)

MATT GARZA: 26 years old.
Seasons: 4 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 50.0/83.0/184.2/159.0 (2009)

JAMES SHIELDS: 28 years old
Seasons: 4 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 124.2/215.0/215.0/179.8 (2009)

DAN HAREN: 29 years old
Seasons: 7 (2009 included)
Innings pitched: 72.2/46.0/217.0/223.0/222.0/216.0/181.0 (2009)

It can be seen that, with the exception of MATT GARZA, all of these pitchers had pitched 200 innings plus during their third season (well, Lincecum won the Cy Young and pitched over 200 on his SECOND SEASON).

MATT CAIN, for example, is only one year older than Joba, and he is headed to his THIRD, and consecutive, 200 plus innings season.

And what about CC SABATHIA? He reached the majors being 20 years old. His innings during the first 2 seasons? 180.1 and 210.0.

As you can imagine, there are LOTS of other young pitchers with similar numbers to the ones mentioned above.

I know there are lots of other factors to be considered. But, in any case, the question remains: why there is a “Joba Rule” (I repeat, already lasting more than one season), and there has not been a “TIM Rule”, or a “JUSTIN Rule”, and certainly, not a “CC Rule”, for that matter? Are those teams being irresponsible with their young prospects´ health and future? Are the Yankees simply over-cautious? Or what?


Nova goes seven in Yanks’ loss
Aug. 25, 2009


Buffalo (Mets) 4
Scranton/WB 0
W: Mason (1-0, 3.27); L: Nova (1-3, 4.74); SV: Warden (2)
HR: None.
Trenton 3
Altoona (Pirates) 4
W: Alderson (9-1, 3.41); L: Pope (5-11, 4.85); SV: Hughes (2)
HR: None.
Tampa 7
Dunedin (Blue Jays) 4
W: Stephens (3-4, 4.50); L: Farina (1-2, 6.82); SV: Ortiz, J (8)
HR: TAM: Romine, Au (12). DUN: Jaspe (9).
Rome (Braves) 9
Charleston 10 (12)
W: Prihoda (2-0, 3.86); L: McMillan (1-2, 3.34)
HR: ROM: Sumoza (4). CSC: French (2).
Oneonta (Tigers) 1
Staten Island 4
W: Perez, K (2-2, 2.18); L: Morrison (1-1, 4.15); SV: Bailey (2)
HR: SI: Medchill (13).
GCL Phillies 4
GCL Yankees 3
W: Zuber (1-0, 1.29); L: Marquez, D (1-3, 1.93); SV: Matos, Mi (1)
HR: YAN: Murphy, J (1).
You may also see for details.
Syracuse (Nationals) 7:05 PM
Altoona (Pirates) 6:35 PM
Dunedin (Blue Jays) 7:00 PM
Rome (Braves) 7:05 PM
Oneonta (Tigers) 7:00 PM
Staten Island
GCL Yankees
GCL Phillies 12:00 PM
You may also see for details.


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