Back home after the big trip

Jeter Tex.jpg10 games in 11 days, to Seattle, Oakland and Boston. If the Yankees knew coming into that excursion that they would be flying home with seven victories in their back pocket – and especially two out of three in the Red Sox series – they would have signed right up for that.

Things are flying high right now for the Yankees, who open a three-game series with the Rangers tonight with Joba Chamberlain on the mound. They’re a Major League-best 27-9 since the All-Star break and own the best record in the Majors, heading into tonight tied with their season high of 32 games over .500.

All of that makes the things you actually can fret about, like the possible rift between A.J. Burnett and Jorge Posada, just background noise for the moment.

Mark Teixeira was on the Late Show with David Letterman last night and took a little batting practice outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre, sending a few bombs flying deep down 53rd Street. Here’s a video.

And now, a few other of the off-day discussion stories floating around out there:

Anthony McCarron has a great look in the New York Daily News at June 24, the night the Yankees saved their season with a pregame meeting at Atlanta’s Turner Field.

Andy Pettitte checks in with Pete Caldera of the Bergen Record, addressing the idea that this could really be the lefty’s final year.

Derek Jeter’s “favorite player right now,” Hideki Matsui, tells Jack Curry of The New York Times that he would love to stay put in Yankees pinstripes.


– Watching him take at-bats w/Tex, Letterman looks like he might have played some ball back in the day.

– The Yankees should bring Matsui back next year. Or at least send him back home with a ring. heh, heh

– As for Andy Pettite, let’s see…

– It seems as the Yankees made the moves they needed to and avoid some typical mistakes of the past.

– I’d like to be a fly on the wall for that conversation between Joe G and Swish regarding that lame bunt attempt.


I know you win as a team and lose as a team, but tonite’s game is on Joba. Staked to a 4-0 lead and the guy gets two outs in the 4th and can’t get the 3rd one out. Gives up 5 runs while imploding, again. An almost great comeback in the 9th, Ranger announcers were sweating some. Melky’s shot was hit on the nose but right at Andrus. Was it only me, I thought the ump missed the call on Hairston. Thought he got back in time.


Joba Rules? Are you kidding me? Let’s put Hughes back in the rotation and put Joba back where he belongs in the pen. He can’t go more then 3 innings lately, without tiring and giving up big runs. How can Swisher NOT execute a bunt? 1st and 2nd, nobody out and down one run and we can’t score? Ridiculous! Somehow the Red Sox would have found a way and yet the Yanks choke once again. The Sox pick up a game….this race is far from over as the Yanks find another way to lose.


Joba not too sharp, Too much rest??, 8 days off is throwing his rhythm off.. Everytime he walks someone it comes back to haunt him. He has problems pitching from the stretch.. The 4 run lead has vanished. He already has 90 pitches and now trails 7-4….Get him out of there,,I can’t stand it anymore..


“Santana has bone chips; season is over”.
If the Yankees would’ve traded Hughes & others like some of you wanted, all I can say is, Dude!
I’d have to say that overall, the series against the blosox was pretty good. No surprise they got burned in game 2 by Bennihanna & Burnett blew.
Wagner to the chumps. Lets hope he forgets how to pith like Smoltz & Penny.


Yanks’ Heathcott gets hit in debut
Aug. 24, 2009


Buffalo (Mets) 7
Scranton/WB 2
W: Broadway, La (5-9, 6.17); L: Claggett (6-7, 2.92)
HR: BUF: Dubois (3).
New Hampshire (Blue Jays) 8
Trenton 5
W: Martin, A (3-2, 4.09); L: McAllister (6-5, 2.40)
HR: NH: Gorneault (7).
Charleston 7
Augusta (Giants) 2 (10)
W: Nolte (4-2, 5.53); L: Quirarte (6-2, 4.22)
HR: None.
Staten Island 6
Oneonta (Tigers)(In Staten Island) 7 (11)
(Completion of game previously suspended on 8/9/09)
W: LaLuna (3-3, 3.54); L: Solbach (0-3, 4.50)
HR: None.
Oneonta (Tigers) 1
Staten Island 2 (7)
W: Marte, R (4-3, 4.31); L: Hamilton, C (4-5, 2.95); SV: Brooks, G (2)
HR: None.
GCL Tigers 10
GCL Yankees 0
W: Soto, G (3-0, 1.40); L: O’Brien (1-4, 5.63); SV: Nunez, M (1)
HR: TIG: Tang (1).
You may also see for details.
Buffalo (Mets) 7:05 PM
Altoona (Pirates) 6:35 PM
Dunedin (Blue Jays) 7:00 PM
Rome (Braves) 7:05 PM
Oneonta (Tigers) 7:00 PM
Staten Island
GCL Phillies 12:00 PM
GCL Yankees
You may also see for details.


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