Pettitte has incentives to keep pitching

Pettitte.jpgAs Andy Pettitte stands in the batters box at an empty Safeco Field, hitting ground balls to his son at third base, Ben P. writes in: “How is Pettitte doing with his incentives? I know his ERA has been up there, but he looks stronger of late and 200 innings seems likely. However, 9 and 6 record could be much better.”

Let’s take a glance, with some help from the excellent Cot’s Baseball Contracts Web site (if you don’t already have this handy reference bookmarked, it’s a must for any serious baseball fan):

# 1 year/$5.5M (2009)

* $4.5M in performance bonuses: $0.5M each for 150, 160, 170 IP; $0.75M each for 180, 190, 200, 210 IP
* $2M in roster bonuses: $0.1M for 120 days on active 25-man roster; $0.2M for 130 days; $0.25M each for 140, 150 days; $0.4M each for 160, 170, 180 days

So, let’s do the innings first. Pettitte’s at 147 1/3 innings, which means he’ll hit a benchmark for an extra $500,000 assuming he’s able to get seven more outs for the rest of the season, and then another $500,000 for every 30 outs he records after that.

Being healthy for the whole season is going to pay off for Pettitte too. He already clicked in the $100,000 bonus for being on the Yankees’ active 25-man roster for the first four months of the season, and keeps ringing up these $250,000 milestones as we move forward.

Based on last night’s start, there’s no reason to think he couldn’t make a serious push at maxing out the deal, and at least coming within striking distance of it. He sure looks healthy enough to approach the 204 innings he pitched last season.

Pettitte wasn’t thrilled with the idea of taking a pay cut off the $16 million he earned in each of the last two seasons, but he might have gambled correctly in turning down the Yankees’ initial $10.5 million offer and proving he could get closer to the maximum of $12 million under the current deal. 


Do you think the Yankees would bring back Andy for next year? Unless he wants to retired like Moose did and I hope that’s not the case. Even though his record only shows 1-0 he has been ridiculously good in the second half; in his last 6 starts pitching 6+ innings [39.2 innings] and allowed 7 ER and posting a 1.61 ERA during that span. The Yankee’s bats have not been supportive of Andy and that is the reason he is 1-0 and not 6-0 but that’s baseball. I would love to see Andy come back for 2010 season he has proven he is in terrific shape and most important he brings his Yankee pride of winning championships and also his work with the youngsters.
Do you think Mark Teixeira would win AL MVP and 1B Gold Glove?
He as well has been outstanding in 1B with 999 FPCT in the season [Career high] and not to mention the runs he has saved making those 2plays. His slow start make him a better candidate in my opinion because he has been able to catch up and help the Yankees win ball games and I think that’s the reason we are in 1st place, not to take away anything from any other Yankee because everyone of them has contributed but TEX’s work has been unbelievable.
Go Yankees for 27,


So glad that Andy came back this year. The team needed his experience, especially in the post season. And he is a lefty. He should get an additional bonus for games pitched in the WS. He will earn every bit of his incentives.


Just think if Andy had stayed with the Yankees instead of going to Houston. I believe he could have been the winniest lefty in Yankee history. By the way if that idiot from Beantown with the bloody sox gets into the H of F than Andy does.


Yanks shouldn’t have paid him that much, but I’m glad its mostly in incentives and not just flat out paid. But he’s been pretty good this season and will hopefully pitch like he did last night in October!


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