8/12 – Yankees vs. Blue Jays

More Joba talk today at the Stadium, where Joe Girardi revealed that Chamberlain will be making his next start Wednesday in Oakland. From there, who knows? Chamberlain will presumably pitch on regular rest at times this season, and on extended rest at other times. He’s already exceeded his professional career high by nine innings, and will end this season — and, presumably, postseason — in dangerous territory no matter how much the Yankees rest him.

Speaking of rest, Mark Teixeira has an off-day in the finale against the Blue Jays. Expect A-Rod and Derek Jeter to get similar treatment over the next few days.

As we talked about yesterday, you can follow along with me during today’s game on Twitter @AnthonyDiComo. Bryan Hoch will be back Thursday, live from Seattle.

BLUE JAYS (54-58)
bluejays.gifScutaro SS
Hill 2B
Lind LF
Overbay 1B
Wells CF
Ruis DH
Encarnacion 3B
Chavez C
Inglett RF

Pitching: Ricky Romero (10-5, 3.66)

YANKEES (70-43)
yankslogo.gifDerek Jeter SS
Johnny Damon LF
Hideki Matsui DH
Alex Rodriguez 3B
Jorge Posada C
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher 1B
Eric Hinske RF
Melky Cabrera CF

Pitching: A.J. Burnett (10-5, 3.67)

–Anthony DiComo



Scranton/WB 9
Norfolk (Orioles) 0
W: Ortiz, R (2-0, 0.00); L: Pauley (8-10, 4.54)
HR: SWB: Ransom (3), Russo (2).
Reading (Phillies) 6
Trenton 5
W: Zagurski (3-4, 4.43); L: Duff (3-2, 2.95); SV: Rosenberg (1)
HR: None.
Tampa 8
Daytona (Cubs) 3
W: Rulon (3-0, 0.82); L: Searle (6-10, 4.05)
HR: TAM: Nunez, L (2). DAY: Wyatt (2).
Delmarva (Orioles) 1
Charleston 5
W: Heredia (1-1, 2.37); L: Salberg (2-2, 4.35); SV: Kapala (2)
HR: None.
Auburn (Blue Jays) 3
Staten Island 4 (10)
W: Flannery (2-2, 1.59); L: Lehman, J (1-1, 5.60)
HR: None.
GCL Tigers 5
GCL Yankees 6
W: Gil (4-2, 2.84); L: Mercedes (1-1, 2.41)
HR: None.
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

Norfolk (Orioles) 7:15 PM
Reading (Phillies) 7:05 PM
Daytona (Cubs) 7:05 PM
Delmarva (Orioles) 7:05 PM
Auburn (Blue Jays) 12:00 PM
Staten Island
GCL Yankees
GCL Tigers 12:00 PM
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.


I get really pi### at pitchers who hit our guys and injure them. And these stupid announcers up here say, “He really didn’t try to hit him. He was only trying to back him off the plate.” Pile of Crap. They are always targetting the good hitters and really should be thrown out of the game more often when they hit batters. These guys are pros and don’t need to hit batters unless they are trying to pitch too close to them. ******! Cano just hit it off the wall and ARod goes home. The Yankeeeeees win!! Hopefully Jete and Arod will be ok for next game and only got a bruise.


Go, go Canó! Another sweet walk-off. Now on to Seattle.


What’s all this crap now about monitoring a young pitchers innings etc. Does that mean we’re going to have to find another starter down the stretch? We’ve only got four reliable ones now. I don’t remember the pitchers of the past being limited to a certain number of innings and pitches. Are we babying the younger pitchers these days? Come on, these guys are making a pile of money. And where are we going to get the extra starters from? We didn’t trade for any when we had the chance.


The yankees beat up on the Sox, hits and runs and sweep, but lucky to squeak out a win against the Blue Jays and are in danger of losing the series if they don’t get their a## in gear soon. AJ was not his stellar best and the offence has been weak except for the two homers. Miss Tex and Jete out of the lineup. Yankees have been flat in this series. A let down after the Sox? They’d never admit it. Hopefully they can pick it up going into Seattle. They can’t afford to lose very many games going down the stretch with the Sox and Rays winning. Yankees have been striking out and grounding out a lot tonight. You might be able to say the Jays pitchers have been that good but a good team should be able to find a way of beating a poorer team.


Anybody see that whiny beeyotch Youkilis get body slammed by a skinny 20 year old rookie? (I wonder why didn’t he charge the mound against Edwin Jackson? Afraid he’d get his *** whupped? Hmm…)

I guess that’s how you win games up in Boston: get the opposing team’s big slugger and starting pitcher out of the game and then go for it.


What’s up with AJ 3 WPs 2 this inning tying the score. We are lucky to be in this game, We need more runs, 4 hits is just not getting to job done. AJ not consistent today…


Pena in for Jet, Was Jet hurt by the HBP?? Not much info on gameday. Thank you Damo and Canoe, we needed the bombs..
Is Hinske back to normal now or is he just rusty sitting on the bench?? WE NEED SOME MORE RUNS!! We only have 3 hits in 4 innings, 2 HRs.. Go Yankees!


It appears AJ hasn’t settled in yet, 44 pitches in 2 innings and was lucky to survive with only one run.. Again we had FOB and 1 out and only manage 1 run. I’m hoping we will now see AJ as he has been in the last couple of game, being more dominant. I kinda miss Tex in the BO, I guess he deserves a day off…


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