Welcome to Toronto, eh?

Hey folks, Anthony DiComo here filling in for Bryan Hoch on this two-gamer up north. I’ll be blogging here, but if you want live updates on lineups and news from the clubhouse, feel free to follow along on Twitter @anthonydicomo.

skydome.jpgHere are your probables at the Rogers Centre:

Tuesday: Andy Pettitte (8-6, 4.51) vs. Roy Halladay (11-4, 2.68)
Wednesday: Sergio Mitre (1-0, 7.90) vs. Mark Rzepczynski (1-2, 3.25)

As you can see, the Yanks have their work cut out for them, in a two-game series that would have been a lot easier had the Blue Jays managed to trade Halladay before the deadline. Didn’t happen, and now the Yanks have to face him.

I’ll have more from the clubhouse in a bit, but until then, let’s all hope Mr. Hoch is shooting low on the golf course.

–Anthony DiComo


Man after leaving the bases loaded and not scoring more times then the Yankees do, the Rays finally knocked off the red sox, 4-2.

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True ol hickory. Noticed that Mark Prior got released by the Padres today. Anyone know whether this guy has anything left?

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Seeknay, I too had that feeling with Mariano coming in. That Sui homer was the seal.. Great win tonight over a great pitcher. Andy had a couple of rough spots but managed to work out of them, Those BBs will haunt you.. Otherwise he had a real good game

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Mo. had me sweating but came through. Big win over Halladay tonight with BIG HR’s by Damon, Tex and Matsui late to seal the deal.

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Robert, How did you ever guess my name?? Why did Joe take Hughes out?? We had a 4-1 lead, Now 4-3. Gotta score again and hold them in the 9th…Finally getting some good ABs from 3 & 4.. We still have to learn to play small ball..

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Scranton/WB 2
Pawtucket (Red Sox) 1
W: Kroenke (6-1, 0.98); L: Gonzalez, En (7-10, 5.31); SV: Albaladejo (7)
HR: SWB: Miranda (16). PAW: Anderson, Br (4).
Lexington (Astros) 3
Charleston 1 (7)
W: Seaton (8-8, 2.67); L: Banuelos (8-5, 2.78); SV: Urckfitz (11)
HR: None.
Lexington (Astros) 5
Charleston 6 (7)
W: Arbiso (4-7, 3.42); L: Duncan (1-3, 4.40); SV: Ortiz, J (7)
HR: None.
Staten Island 0
Aberdeen (Orioles) 1 (10)
W: Barajas (3-2, 4.43); L: Marte, R (2-3, 5.03)
HR: None.
GCL Yankees 8
GCL Phillies 3
W: Horne (1-0, 1.74); L: Sasaki, R (1-2, 4.40)
HR: YAN: Mahoney, K (4). PHL: Paulino, L (1).
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

Pawtucket (Red Sox) 12:05 PM
Reading (Phillies) 7:05 PM
Lakeland (Tigers) 7:00 PM
Augusta (Giants) 7:05 PM
Staten Island
Williamsport (Phillies) 7:05 PM
GCL Yankees
GCL Blue Jays 12:00 PM
You may also see http://www.yankeesdaily.com for details.

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Andrew Jackson,
That crossed my mind too! Funny because that is the only upside of falling into second place!!!

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As we all know the waiver trade season is here. We’re aware that the Yanks and possibly the BoSox will be seeking a 5th starter. We were on a roll and facing the Chisox in a big series, We lose 3 of the 4 games played. I would hate to think that they would lose in an attempt to put us behind the BoSox so they can’t block us from picking up that needed help off a waiver/trade deal. I don’t really think that this is what is going on. But, you know the Sox will try to block us out if they can.

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