A possible explanation for Ransom

There have been a lot of e-mails filtering in about Cody Ransom — specifically, why he was kept on the team Saturday and Shelley Duncan took the cut to add Jerry Hairston, Jr. to the roster.

A lot of us here in Chicago were wondering the same
thing, since Hairston was acquired for a utility role, which is what Ransom was doing for the club. Matters weren’t helped much when Joe Girardi started Ransom at first base, only to watch him go hitless in what was generally an all-around poor 14-4 loss for the Yankees.

Girardi has pledged a certain amount of loyalty to Ransom for what he contributed in 2008. And there’s no question that this has been a tough year marked by injury for Ransom, who – remember this? – was the Yankees’ Opening Day third baseman and actually had a pullout poster in the first gameday program at the new Yankee Stadium. 

The plan, as far
as we can tell, is that Ransom would stay on the roster until Brett
Gardner returns from his fractured left thumb. As for Duncan, his silver lining should be that he’s on the 40-man roster and could be back up in the big leagues this year.


Loyality is luxuary the Yankees can’t afford right now considering the Red Sox getting Martiniz. We need a big right side bat on the bench. Ranom is hitting below .200 while Duncn has been hittng ok in AAA wth over 20 home runs. This is one of a number of things I disgree with Girardi on. With Herirston we have a good utility man and makes Ransom a useless man on the bench. We can’t wait for the 40 man roster, we need Duncan for the coming Red Sox Series.


Sper32, I concur, There is no room for loyalty to any player or coach especially to one who is not carrying his weight. It explains a lot of things.. If you want to win (that’s the goal) Loyalty to veterans must be put aside. If they don’t perform get rid of them. A trade should have been made, no doubt about that. Andy is only a #5, he has not been consistent to be other wise the extra rest is beneficial for him. Posada is a nice and well liked guy who was given a overly generous contract and is not performing. Joe has got to change himself before we can become a winner. Henske who has done well, sits. Will he do the same with Hairston, We shall see. Grading the performances of Cash & Joe on a scale of 1 terrible, and a 10 Super, They both rate a 1/2.. Neither has done a satisfactory job.. If the boss were still in charge many changes would have been made, Are the sons dense, can’t they see what is happening… I’m gone..


JoBrown: Sorry, whether utility player or not he’s not big league quality. Better Pena than Ransom as utility infielder I’d say. Gardner was playing on the team before his injury and Ransom was still sitting on the bench so there’s no guarantee he’ll be gone when Gardner comes back. What’s this loyalty thing if a guy is not hitting and not producing? Isn’t it a matter of winning?


Hi Bryan! I think that loyalty thing you wrote about Girardi and Ransom is right. That’s the reason why Girardi chose him instead of keeping Pena when Ranson got back from injury. People should keep it easy with hate mails as we’re still talking about utilty players here and anyway when Gardner will be back, Ransom is gone.


Bryan, there is NO explanation for Ransom. It really doesn’t matter what he did last season, because look at how inept he has been this season. It takes this organization too long to recognize and ACT upon a player that is doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but take up a roster spot for the team. Jose Veras had a good year last year, but this year he looked like he was totally clueless out there. However, it took the Yankees how long to realize he was a lost cause and DFA him??? What was the point of Mr. Cashman going out and trading for Hinske and Hairston Jr. (both utility type players) if Girardi isn’t going to play them, and furthermore what was the point in trading for Hairston Jr. if you weren’t shipping Ransom off the roster? He has NO BUSINESS being on this team. He’s hitting .190 on the Yankees… if he was on the Royals or any other team in the MLB, he’d be DFA’d already. Cashman trades for a utility player, who can make up to over $1mil. the rest of the season, keeps Ransom on the team (WOW) and doesn’t go after a starting pitcher… Anyone in baseball could see that the biggest GLARING need the Yankees had was for a #5 starter, why couldn’t Mr. Cashman realize that? So instead of trading for a pitcher that’s under team control for 2 more seasons and gets $650k the rest of this season (and potentially would’ve given the Yankees the lead in the race to the World Series), he allows Mitre to continue making starts, keeps Ransom on the team and sits idly as the bullpen struggles again. Oh wait, Marte is on his way back? Someone please hand me a gun, because Marte is garbage. The Yankees could’ve come up with a package that could’ve gotten Bannister, no ifs ands or buts. Instead they decided to watch as all the other teams steaming towards the playoffs with shots at getting to the World Series make moves, and all the Yankees did was acquire ANOTHER utility-type bench player. Then again, Hairston is projected to be a Type-B FA so maybe the Yankees will get 1 compensatory pick for him if he signs elsewhere… LOLOLOLOL. The Yankees didn’t need to go after Halladay or Lee, but someone along the lines of Bannister would’ve went A LONG LONG WAY……


I’m so digusted with this 220 million dollar team that drops dead as soon as they could have put some distance between them and their rivals. A-Rod makes me want to throw up with his chokes. Posada is toast defensively, I love em, but! This team is not fundamental and that’s Girardis’ fault. It doesn’t advance runners and they have the kill mentality. Mitre was a terrible choice and Swisher is a hotdog. We’re either long in the tooth or wet behind the ears. What a huge waste of 220 million dollars. They keep playing like this and the fans will be gone, names or no names. If A-Rod blows one more bubble after grounding into a double play or failing miserably some other way I will puke up.


I admire Joe Gs “loyalty” to Ransom, for whatever reason it’s there. But I question a lineup that includes a Mendoza line Ransom, a .230 right fielder, a .254 left fielder… It’s frustrating.
The Yankees saw a lot of guys who could have possibly helped fly by trading deadline week; many of whom didn’t seem to cost too much for some of the teams that got them.
Bring up Jackson and let him play center (split with Melky if necessary), see what he can do, it won’t ruin his career.
Expand Joba 30 – 40 more innings. It won’t ruin his career.
I’m tired of watching other teams bring up all kinds of young talent and see them succeed while NY ponders play pen time for it’s pitchers, not bull pen time. Example, look at all the rookie pitchers who have baffled the Yankees all season long. Other teams seem to set their young pitchers up to make sure they pitch against NY.



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