Yankees reactions to David Ortiz/Manny Ramirez news

Yankees reaction from U.S. Cellular Field to The New York Times report that Red Sox stars David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs in 2003:


General reaction to today’s news:
It’s another thing that keeps popping up with baseball. That’s the problem with it all being withheld, because it seems like every couple of weeks or so we’re finding out another player. I had no idea, but I guess he’s on that list. Who knows if they’re going to keep releasing more and more names? It’s definitely not good for baseball.

Should the entire list be released?: It probably should come out. We were hoping we were done with it … there’s constant questions that [reporters] have to ask and some of us will answer. I don’t want to have meetings all the time at the locker to talk about this. I want to talk about this year and moving forward and seeing how good our team this year can be. That’s what I want to talk about. Unfortunately, this is another big story and David is involved with winning two championships in a town that didn’t have a championship for a long time. 

Is the 2004 World Series title tainted?:
I think if there’s a lot more guys … I won’t know that until more and more names come out. The ’04 year was special. I know we could not have won without a bunch of the players that we had there. David and Manny were great, but I had probably the best year of my career hitting in the clutch. We had Derek Lowe pitch well, Pedro pitch well, added Schilling. I would have to see if there’s more names and then I’d be able to comment on that.


General reaction to today’s news:
That list, names are going to keep coming out. I agree with everyone else who says just put it all out. It’s ridiculous. Just let all the games go out and let everyone deal with it at the same time. Every two months things come out, it’s not good for the game. It happened in 2003. Let it all come out, let everyone talk about it for one or two days and then we can move on.

On playing PED-free: I don’t pass judgment on anybody. What happened with people in the past or what happens in the future, that’s their prerogative. But as a guy who has done things the right way their entire career, I don’t want any kid looking at me saying, ‘Whoa, did you do something? Were you on a list?’ I look at my generation and players like myself, Matt Holliday, Chase Utley. These guys are doing it from 2003 on and doing it the right way. I want kids to look at us and say these guys are great players without using that stuff.


General reaction to today’s news:
Too bad for everyone. Once again, we’re sitting here talking about it again. … You wish that you guys were here asking questions about Buerhle throwing all those innings and we’ve got to face him, or pennant races, or the trade deadline. Instead, we’re talking about this again. 

On releasing other names:
I’m pretty sure someone will come up with something else. I’ll stick to what I said before. Not everyone was doing it. You’re talking about 100 people. There’s a lot more than 100 people playing baseball. It’s unfortunate that we have to sit here and talk about another name a couple of months later. I wish that wasn’t the case but unfortunately it’s the situation.


He’s my friend and I care for David.

I have nothing else to say about it.


It’s like ripping a Band-Aid off slowly. It’s unfortunate, because we’re trying to get this era beyond us and repair the game. The names keep coming out. It just seems to make it more difficult and last longer.
It just saddens me that we go through this. I love this game and I love what players have done and what players have been able to accomplish doing it the right way. This era saddens me.


What does this say about Boston’s George Mitchell and his phony report?

With a clean Clemens (according to MRIs and the 2003 test) what is Rocket’s reaction to all this? What will he say about Mitchell’s “thorough report?” McNamee told the lie to get out of jail–he was recorded by PIs saying that he denied Clemens use at first and wasnt offered the deal until lying about it.

And will Schilling also demand that “(BOS) return those (titles) because its so obvious that (they) were cheating? like he said of Clemens–or will he remain a toital hypocrit??

Bring back and welcome Clemens to Yankee Stadium


What does this say about Boston’s George Mitchell and his phony report?

I have to ask you Brian, with a clean Clemens (according to the 2003 test) what is his reaction?

Will Schilling demand that BOS “return those (titles) because its so obvious that (they) cheated themselves, the game and their fans” too (like he did Clemens–who passed) or will he remain a Hypocrit??


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