Looking to close it out Sunday

As John Sterling once said, “All good things come to an end.” And so it went for the Yankees’ eight-game winning streak here at Yankee Stadium, though it didn’t seem to spoil the Team Picnic festivities after the game.

Andy Pettitte’s strong six inning start transformed into a loss, Alfredo Aceves turned in a rare rough relief appearance and the Yankees were essentially mystified by the sneaky Gio Gonzalez, who carried a 9.33 ERA into the game. Derek Jeter was right – that’s why you don’t play the games on paper to see what happens.

The Yankees can still wrap up a very strong homestand on Sunday, sending out Sergio Mitre to face Dallas Braden. That would give the Yankees a 9-1 homestand, something that would be awfully nice for them to pack into the carry-on luggage and take on the three-city trip to play Tampa Bay, Chicago and Toronto.

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So apparently there’s some concern in the Mariners’ camp that Erik Bedard may be injured… Is there any truth to this? This would seriously limit the arms that the Yankees could acquire before the trading dead line. They almost have to make a move before the deadline. Do you guys think the Yankees will seriously pursue Matt Holliday after this season? Will the Cards even enter a bidding war of any sorts for Holliday after the season, or what is going to happen. He’s a 28 yr old OF that is GOOD but not GREAT. He is an above average – solid OF defensively, bats with solid contact, runs the bases pretty well, and does have some power. His numbers have been steadily increasing since June, and he will have yet another solid year. Thoughts?…


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