A-Rod invites Kate Hudson to Yanks team picnic

19505533.jpgThis is about as Page Six as we’ll ever get here at Bombers Beat, but in the interests of keeping everyone informed…

Alex Rodriguez and Kate Hudson are making the rounds down on the field at Yankee Stadium, where the Yankees are holding their 2009 team picnic. A-Rod had his arm around Ms. Hudson and was introducing her to his teammates — Jorge Posada came by to shake hands, and A.J. and Karen Burnett came by to engage in small talk. Alex’s daughters are also here having fun.

It’d be safe to say that they’re an official couple. Word in the clubhouse is that Kate is also throwing Alex a birthday party tonight in New York (his actual birthday is July 27, but the Yankees will be on the road in Florida). We can also now confirm that Kate Hudson throws left-handed.

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