7/25 – Yankees vs. A’s

It’s another perfect summer afternoon here in the Bronx as the Yankees and A’s play the third game of this four-game series. The Yankee lineup has shifted a little bit as Derek Jeter is getting a half-day as the DH (Cody Ransom at shortstop) and Jorge Posada takes off the day game after the night game.

At some point, the Yankees are going to figure out how to give Alex Rodriguez a little rest. He’s played the first nine games coming out of the All-Star Break, so figure he’ll be on the bench for the series finale. Johnny Damon is on the bench but fine after taking that throw in the rear end last night on a run-scoring fielder’s choice.

There are no updates yet on Chien-Ming Wang, though it appears likely he’ll be seeing Dr. James Andrews early next week. And since we mentioned that Jeter passed Ted Williams (2,654) on baseball’s all-time hits list yesterday, it’s worth stating that today he ties Bernie Williams (2,076) in games played on the Yankees’ all-time list.

Some of the chatter in the press dining room – appropriate for a A’s vs. Yankees game – was about Rickey Henderson and how wonderful that Hall of Fame speech is going to be. Sadly, the John Olerud story (“I used to play with a guy who wore a helmet like that”) has been debunked, which is unfortunate because it’s a great story.

But Rickey’s malapropisms are the stuff of legend anyway. Here’s a guy who caused a stir in the A’s finance department by not cashing a $1 million bonus check, instead keeping it framed in his house.

My favorite is the tale (again, may or may not be true) about a player who, late in Henderson’s career, asked why he would sit in the front of the bus. As a veteran, Henderson would have had the tenure to take a seat in the back.

“Tenure?” Henderson is said to have replied. “What are you talking about?  Rickey’s got 16, 17 years.”

One of a kind.

Kennedy 3B
Cabrera SS
Hairston LF
Garciaparra DH
Cust RF
Davis CF
Crosby 1B
Ellis 2B
Powell C

Pitching: Gio Gonzalez (1-2, 9.33)

YANKEES (59-37)

Jeter DH
Gardner CF
Teixeira 1B
Rodriguez 3B
Swisher RF
Cano 2B
Cabrera LF
Ransom SS
Molina C

Pitching: Andy Pettitte (8-5, 4.62)


could it b that bcuz girardi actually caught andy, that he tries to do whats right for andy instead of the team.he seams to wait one batter too long to yank the starter
.i believe the team is winning in spite of his actions
the 3 game loss is totally related to decision to start aceves when he was best reliever in pen besides mo,recalling hughes starting to come into his own


opportunity was there in the 9th, Melky & Damon worked walks. Posada’s DP ball was a rally killer and Jeter gave it a ride but short of HR. Oh well start another streak tomorrow. Make a note Girardi from hence forth watch Andy’s pitch count.


Well they have closed it to 6-4 in the 8th. Let’s hope for a 3 run rally in the 9th for another comeback win.


Here we go again. Leave Andy in an inning too long. That’s been happening all year. Andy is only good for 5 innings any more or about 80-85 pitches. When will Girardi wake up to this fact? Again, the bull pen lets us down. We’ve won 8 straight and I guess can’t be expected to win every game. But to keep ahead of the Sox the Yanks have to win almost every game or they’ll drop back in a hurry and find themselves behind again. Every game is vital from here on in especially with teams that the Yankees should sweep like Oakland. It’s a big lead to catch up and not many innings left to do it in. Certainly the Yankees lineup looks like their B lineup today so no wonder there’s no offence. We need a Bedard or a Halladay as a 5th starter, but don’t want to sell the farm in order to do it.


Not a good performance by Aceves. Oh well looks like all good things must come to an end. I’m in agreeement with you sper33 Andy’s pitch count was getting up there and in hindsight Aceves should have started the inning.


Wow, this game went sour in a hurry. When was the last time Aceves let in any inherited runners. let alone 3??? Girardi should’ve taken Pettitte out after the 2nd guy got on base this inning, instead of waiting for him to load the bases.


So with the Angels on their 7 game winning streak, and the M’s just getting shut out by the Indians last night and now being 7 back in their division, will the M’s become sellers? If so, Mr. Cashman better be on the horn trying to figure it out and get Erik Bedard into pinstripes. A rotation of CC, AJ, Bedard, Pettitte and Joba sounds pretty nice.


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