For Camp Sundown, Yanks run it to seven

The Yankees defeated the A’s last night 6-3, running their winning streak to seven games. After the game, the playing field was transformed into an open-air carnival for the Camp Sundown kids as part of HOPE Week, which concludes today.

The children ran wild making Yankee Stadium their own personal playground in a night no one who was here should ever forget.

While Chien-Ming Wang waits for Dr. James Andrews to confer with the Yankees on his medical data, and Brian Cashman considers triggering a deal to get New York another arm, Joba Chamberlain has the ball tonight against an A’s lineup that will be without Matt Holliday. 

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The Yankees still have Chien-Ming Wang? I didn’t think they would still have him right now. Anyways, the Yankees have been pretty good lately. –
– TC


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